PA House Declared Today ‘National Fast Day’ Because of Effort to ‘Erase’ God

We hope you’re not too hungry, because last month the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a resolution calling April 30th “National Fast Day.” The uncontroversial resolution was introduced by Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny; of ‘Year of the Bible’ fame) and is meant to remind Pennsylvanians to thank their God for his blessings and remember that past presidents were religious.

The resolution passed 160-35 with, as Saccone told Diane Gramley on the American Family Association of Pennsylvania’s weekly radio program, “some of the very liberal house members oppos[ing] it.”

House Resolution 17, as it’s numbered, is more-less a quote from President Abraham Lincoln, when he declared a National Fast Day throughout the United States 150 years ago, during the Civil War.

“Our leaders, from the founders forward, all our greatest presidents, were God-fearing men and they believed that this nation is blessed by God and that we should honor God and that we will continue to be blessed if we do so,” noted Saccone during his radio appearance. “We’re not allowed to say that for some reason today, and people have been told that that never happened.”

He also acknowledged what he felt were Lincoln’s reasons for promoting the resolution: “That as a nation we would turn back toward God and acknowledge his blessings and call on him to help us again,” he said.

Delaware Valley Americans United, a church-state watchdog, sent out an email last week noting their problem with the resolution, which they called a “constitutional misstep.” As we wrote last week, the group noted “legislators could find no better ways to spend their time than to try to tell us how to worship.”

On that, Saccone acknowledged he did not receive the same pushback as he did from his ‘Year of the Bible’ resolution of 2012. (To counter that this year, state Rep. Mark Cohen introduced a ‘Year of Religious Diversity’ resolution on March 14.) Though the Allegheny County Rep. did manage to take a jab at Philadelphia media: “You know back then all the major newspapers, including the now-liberal Philadelphia Inquirer, carried that proclamation in full.”

Additionally, he noted, Lincoln only set aside a day of fasting because President George Washington had done it before him. Lincoln followed Washington and Saccone followed Lincoln. But the public wouldn’t necessarily know that, because, he acknowledged, “There’s this effort to erase God throughout all history.”

Gramley noted the “only way we’re going to survive” is to turn back to God. “Our nation is headed down the wrong path at an ever-increasing pace,” she said.

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