Right-Wing Media Freak Out Over Philly’s LGBT Equality Bill

As PW and every other local media source reported last week, Philadelphia City Council passed a historic bill that would provide for more transgender rights and tax incentives for companies that provide for domestic partners’ health care coverage. That information has gone through the usual Internet outrage cycle and has come out the other side: David Horowitz’s Front Line Magazine, which we didn’t realize existed until a few minutes ago. They’ve got a scathing report on City Council’s 14-3 vote last week, which made Philadelphia the first city offering tax incentives for LGBT rights in the private sector. The article, written by a Journalism Fellow, begins as such:

If the United States ever does go down, the last gallon of gas will be used to drive a Planned Parenthood representative to an elementary school, the last loaf of bread will be divided based on race, gender and victimhood status and the last dollar will be spent paying a diversity officer to decide who gets the last slice of the last loaf of bread.

Philadelphia is on the verge of bankruptcy. Its bonds are hovering above junk status, it has nearly 9 billion dollars in debt and it has the lowest credit rating of any city its size …

…despite being near bankruptcy, Philadelphia’s City Council voted 14-3 to cover gender mutilation surgery for city workers.

The writer, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the “Freedom Center” who usually focuses on “radical Islam,” also notes city health insurance covering gender transformation surgery equates to “castration.” The article has now made its rounds, getting linked to at Fox Nation, Fox News’ opinion site of copy-and-pasted opinion and news articles from around the web. And while the gender identity bill provides a ton of outrage, what they really seem to be angry about are our liberal politicians passing such a bill while Philadelphia’s financial state remains a bit downtrodden – and Mayor Nutter tells business interests it isn’t.

While Mayor Nutter is running around trying to convince investors that Philly isn’t run by a bunch of irresponsible morons with less common sense than squirrels on absinthe, its city council, ignoring 9 billion in unfunded pensions, adds a 50,000 per worker sex change operation entitlement and tax credits for companies willing to cover castration for their employees, (sic)

This is the first time we’ve heard of anyone described as “squirrels on absinthe,” and don’t really understand it as an insult. But we get the point.

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6 Responses to “ Right-Wing Media Freak Out Over Philly’s LGBT Equality Bill ”

  1. David Smith says:

    If you did not know before, now you do. Left-wing extremists are the most pathetic, selfish, hateful group of low-lives on the planet. Seriously, the arrogance you socialists must posses in order to punish someone else’s business over YOUR poor choices regarding YOUR personal lives. Nazi trash, every one of you.

  2. SouthPhillySweetStuff says:

    A “Journalism fellow”, must not recall journalism 101, which usually covers the basics of journalism ethics. First, always check the facts, instead of this writer supplying hard financial data on the status of the city or the legislation, he replaces fact with his own misguided opinion. Secondly, a journalist is suppose to be objective, to report both sides of the story has always been and remains the standard. Instead of getting a quote, really, from either side of the debate, he writes what he feels, rather than what actually occurred.

    He not only lacks a full understanding of public policy or Philadelphia but also is an embarassment to journalism and media.

  3. kyle cassidy says:

    The upside of all of this is, as you note, that “squirrels on absinthe” has now entered the lexicon where I expect it will prove invaluable for years to come.

  4. Joe says:

    Yes, God forbid we accidentally help people from time to time. I’ll never stop being amazed at how conservatives’ moral outrage only extends to things they don’t like, and yet when their rich friends ruin the entire economy and destroy millions of people’s lives in the process, oh that’s just the free market at work. Conservatives have been on the wrong side of history, facts, and reality for most of recent history, and that’s never going to change.

  5. David says:

    The passing of this bill is great news. It paves the way for more progressive reform. Maybe one day my health insure will cover other conditions that are considered “cosmetic”. I’ve always wanted a nose job. Hell. I think I deserve it. I believe that I am a person with a more proportional nose. That’s just the group of people that I identify with; proportional people. It’s my right to have a proportional nose and I shouldn’t have to pay for it out of my own pocket!

  6. Ottimo blog ed ottimo articolo interessante. Grazie

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