Poll shows Corbett’s priorities in wrong place, for real

Show me the unskewed poll, please.

Show me the unskewed poll, please.

Hope someone is getting used to this. Because every time we joke about how things couldn’t get any worse for Governor Tom Corbett, they just fucking do.

This time, it turns out the governor’s priorities—all of them—are in the wrong place. And maybe you already knew that. But a new poll lays it out clearer than we could have ever imagined.

Like this: Tom Corbett seems to be banking his 2014 re-election on privatizing the state-controlled liquor industry. He regularly tweets about it, his standard stump speech delves into it and it’s the only issue on which the public seems to support him.

Not anymore. According to a new Franklin and Marshall poll, not only do state residents no longer support that initiative, but they seem to think the governor’s put too much emphasis on it. Today, only 47 percent of Pennsylvanians support privatizing the liquor industry.

Shocked? Us, too. This is the first time that issue has polled below 50 percent since F&M began polling in 2002. Privatization has regularly polled at around 60 percent or higher when Pennsylvanians are asked what they think.

The union representing liquor store workers, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1776, recently began running ads noting the number of displaced jobs that would result from privatization.

“The governor and the folks that speak on his behalf have been going around since February pushing the concept of privatizing liquor stores in order to save his job,” UFCW Local 1776 head Wendell Young told PW. “Public opinion is certainly not with him in general and his electability is pretty low.”

To make matters worse: The F&M poll asked residents what their most and least important issues are. It took 11 state priorities and asked residents to rank them 1-10. The economy, new jobs and public schools were the top three. Privatizing the lottery, state stores and regulating natural gas drilling were the bottom three.

The same poll found more than 50 percent of Pennsylvanians either “strongly” or “somewhat” support gay marriage. And only 25 percent of residents are in favor of his re-election.

No matter how you slice it, things don’t look good for the governor.

Read the entire poll here.

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