State Sen. Farnese talks gay rights on Dick Morris’ radio show

State Sen. Larry Farnese

State Sen. Larry Farnese

By now, you must have heard that Republican strategist Dick Morris—who infamously declared just days before the 2012 election that Mitt Romney would win by a “landslide”—has a radio show based out of Philadelphia. No? Well, now you have.

This afternoon, the topic of his show, like all political news shows across the country, was the Supreme Court’s rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8. He heard from a ton of callers taking many positions on the issue (fun fact: Dick Morris supports gay marriage, apparently!) before, at around 4pm, he took a call from state Sen. Larry Farnese (D-Philadelphia), who has a long record of supporting gay rights and gay marriage.

And before moving on, I must say that I’d never listened to Morris’ radio show before (his voices creeps me out), but he was a lot more down to earth and open than his former appearances on Fox News (not to mention his latest book, titled, Here Come the Black Helicopters) made him out to be.

Here are some excerpts from Farnese’s interview.

We still discriminate against people based upon who they choose to love and I think today’s ruling goes a long way in advancing equality for all our citizens in Pennsylvania so I think it’s an important ruling...

Morris asked why Pennsylvania doesn’t have legal gay marriage with New York and New Jersey do.

…I think Pennsylvania is a very conservative state. I think when you look outside Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, you see very conservative values. That being said, I will tell you this issue, polling in Pennsylvania, we’ve never seen higher numbers for equality and same sex marriage … This issue, despite what people want to talk about, Dick, it’s no longer a charged up or very controversial issue…

Morris responded: “Ooooh, you should listen to a number of callers…”

…Around the state of Pennsylvania, they’ve been doing polls, you can check on your polling, when you look at the state of Pennsylvania and the issues that are facing Pennsylvanians today, the economy, the jobs, dropping to 49th in job creation under this administration, whether or not folks and same sex couples can get married or can same sex couples be afforded the same rights and benefits … a lot of people, it’s just not a high priority. I think what we’re beginning to see is that people around the country are beginning to accept this and understand it. This is the right thing to do...

Dick Morris then … agrees! He adds that the media is partly responsible for acceptance of gay marriage, since it’s not weird to see gay people on TV. Farnese then … agrees!

…I think you’re right in your assessment. I think, it’s inherently unfair for a same sex couple that’s been together for 25, 30 years, when one of them passes away, and the other, the remaining [person] would have to pay a 15 percent inheritance tax here in Pennsylvania, yet a hetero couple married for 30 days would have absolutely no inheritance tax…

Check out PW’s story on our inheritance laws here.

…For the state to continue to treat people differently—I’ll say it again—based simply upon who they choose to love, is wrong. I think that Pennsylvania is beginning to accept that.

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