Protesters to invade Constitution Center for Hillary Clinton Liberty Medal Ceremony

800px-Secretary_Clinton_Says_Farewell_(8435836995)Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be in Philadelphia tonight to receive the 2013 Liberty Medal at the U.S. Constitution Center. The event has made the rounds in local and national media circles, largely because of the political implications: former Florida Governor (and the former president’s brother) Jeb Bush will be presenting the award to her, and it comes amidst perhaps-unfinished info-business with regard to the attack in Benghazi, Libya, which many Republicans blame on her. To top things off, members of her 2016 Super PAC will be watching the presentation from Finnegan’s Wake, because she is very likely running for president in 2016.

Now, you can add this to the frenzy: Protests are being organized to take place outside the Constitution Center as the award is given to Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton will be in Philadelphia tonight (9/10/13) to receive the Liberty Medal outside the National Constitution Center at 6th & Arch Sts.  We are calling on all who oppose yet another U.S. war to be there to make our voices heard,” reads an email sent out by a group called Philly Activists. “Bring signs, whistles, noisemakers and your firm opposition to a U.S. war on Syria.”

The group then gives numerous facts with regard to the potential Syrian conflict. They point to claims that there’s no evidence the Assad government carried out the chemical weapons attacks, and imply it may have been the U.S.-supported rebels who actually used chemical weapons.

Similarly, the group recounts other wars they say were based on “lies,” including the Spanish-American War, World War I, Vietnam, Granada, Panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq 1991, Afghanistan, Iraq 2003 and Libya.

But that’s not the only protest set to go on. A newly-formed group called the Independence Hall Foundation, which the Metro calls a “Tea Party affiliate,” will hold a press conference later this afternoon, criticizing Clinton for the Benghazi attack.

Then, they’ll hold their own mock-award ceremony, awarding their own Defender of Liberty Medal (the 1st annual) to “an American or group of Americans who have made grave sacrifices to uphold and defend the United States Constitution and the ideals of liberty which it represents.”

The official festivities begin at 7pm. Anti-Syrian war protesters are set to show up at 6:30; anti-Benghazi protesters will be there at 4:30. Left, right and center; you’re all represented here tonight.

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3 Responses to “ Protesters to invade Constitution Center for Hillary Clinton Liberty Medal Ceremony ”

  1. ambiguator says:

    I read the same story in the Inquirer this morning.
    Obviously the “Independence Hall Foundation” has an efficient media engine, but is having a personnel problem. About ten people showed up to “protest”.

    These cranks do not deserve the ink spilled on them.

  2. a reast says:

    Unfortunately the political right in this country are so busy working to pay our taxes to support the 49% that don’t, that we often cannot attend these events even though we would like to.
    It is ironic that Hillary who apparently loves Al-Quida gets awarded a peace medal? Its obscene.

  3. AL says:


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