City ceases operations at Bob’s Happy Hour Tavern in Fishtown

bobshappyhourBob’s Happy Hour Tavern on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown had a ‘Stop Work Order’ sign posted to its door Friday morning, put up by the Department of Revenue.

The bar, on the 2300 block of Frankford Avenue (across the street from Circle Thrift and on the same block as Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Pizza Brain), owes the city $5,657.06, according to a search through the Department of Revenue’s website.

ceasebobAccording to Revenue records, the bar had a clean tax record until 2011. Things have gone downhill since then.

It is not necessarily a nuisance bar, but the owners of Bob’s were actually cited by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in 2010 for violating the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act. Exemptions were made for bars that wanted to continue allowing smoking under the state law, though, according to court documents, Bob’s didn’t get one and still allowed smoking. It’d been cited in the past for underage drinking and underage frequenting, and some other minor violations, though this appears to be the first time the city has shut it down for a failure to pay taxes.

One of those bars that’s kept the same clientele as the neighborhood around it has quickly gentrified over the years, Bob’s has operated under the same ownership since 1983.

It also has awesome karaoke.

This comes at the same time the Daily News reported specific nuisance bars and tax-delinquent bars have been targeted for shut-down in West Philadelphia.

UPDATE, October: They’ve re-opened, but the property is still for sale.

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  1. Montgomery Burns says:

    This place was definitely a nuisance bar.

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