Radio host: ‘Hired goons’ keeping public out of Independence Hall

Gadsen Films has posted a well-made video attempting to “expose tyranny and corruption” of U.S. Park Rangers working at Independence Mall during the government shutdown.

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“Why are private security guards keeping the population—keeping the people—away from Independence Hall?” asks Craig Bergman, narrator and star of the video, before filming and asking park rangers why they are blocking the public from entering the historical site. “This is where our forefathers put life, liberty on the line to give us independence, to make the first truly free nation in world history and we have hired goons keeping the public away.”

Throughout the 3-minute video, the narrator attempts to figure out, I think, why the rangers are on the site and whether he can cross the chain around Independence Hall, then finds out he can get a citation, and that if he jaywalks, he can get a ticket for that, too.

“Who hired a bunch of private security guards with guns?” he asks at one point in the video. Posted to Reddit earlier today, the video has gotten nearly 2,000 views.

Bergman offers himself as a “religion, politics and culture expert” on his website, and has a nationally-syndicated radio show called America’s Wake Up Call, self-described as “Tea-vangelical talk radio.”

This is not the first time during the shutdown someone has attempted to bring attention to the rangers policing the area in Old City. Pro-marijuana activists gathered at the site recently to point out what the federal government considers essential employees.

3 Responses to “ Radio host: ‘Hired goons’ keeping public out of Independence Hall ”

  1. Bob Dobolino says:

    There are hired security guards and rangers keeping taxpayers away from these important historical cites. Do you dispute this? What is the point of your article?

  2. Bob Dobolino says:

    Maybe you could point out that it is our Executive branch which has quite selectively closed the most popular attractions to produce the most pain. Do you support the selective closing of our most popular historical sites for cheap political gain?

  3. I’m not so sure President Obama is ’selectively’ closing National Parks, etc. I’ll bet if somebody got hurt on ‘unguarded’ Federal property, they’s bring a lawsuit in a Revolutionary minute [man].
    Obviously this guy doesn’t know what We Philadelphians already know-The terrorists have won and we over-react After the fact as always.
    Somebody tell this guy guards and Rangers keep you away from the historic buildings unless you’ve paid and or been screened/wanded/searched prior to entrance. So Stupid, if you’ve ever walked those streets and imagined a bad guy setting off a bomb from Across the street from Carpenter’s Hall or Any of the side streets, the damage would still be terrifying. Rangers/Guards are just stupid ‘window dressing’ and would Never protect the area in times of attack. I can’t believe we Philadelphians fought off the Park Service’s attempt to fence it all off!

    What I REALLY can’t believe is they forced City Tavern [a self-functioning historic restaurant] to close during the government shut down–So Stupid! Open up the restaurant, Valley Forge and every other open air monument across our [formerly] great country!

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