Rep. Brian Sims offers ‘Zombie Daryl Metcalfe’ as Halloween costume

State Rep. Brian Sims is having some fun with his Halloween costume, and raising some money off it. On his public Facebook page, the Philly legislator linked to a fundraising website hosted by NGP VAN, a D.C.-based fundraising organization, which asks: “What Should I be for Halloween?”

There are four options: “Zombie Daryl Metcalfe,” “Bearded Ted Cruz,” “Thor,” “Sharknado.”

SimsHalloweenConstituents—or anyone—are asked to donate $10 toward what they think the best costume may be.

“You can vote more than once, so if you really want me to be Zombie Darl Metcalfe you can donate $50 and it will go towards 5 votes,” Sims writes on Facebook.

Metcalfe is, of course, the ultra-conservative legislator who has found his calling as of late opposing LGBT rights. He and Sims both serve on the state government committee in the state House and have gotten into a number of spats over the last year.

Sims’ chief of staff, Mason Lane, says the donations go toward Sims’ political action committee, Sims For PA, which will help fund the legislator’s re-election campaign in 2014.

No viable opponent has appeared to challenge Sims for his 182nd district seat, yet.

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5 Responses to “ Rep. Brian Sims offers ‘Zombie Daryl Metcalfe’ as Halloween costume ”

  1. Kathleen3 says:

    Brian Sims makes a mockery of his office and is a disgrace to the legislators who conduct themselves in a dignified, ethical, and professional manner.

  2. Joseph says:

    Incorrect. Brian Sims is the best thing to happen to PA politics since Ed Rendell.

  3. Kurt says:

    I quasi-agree with Kathleen. As I wrote in my e-mail to Rep. Sims, in response to his e-mail inviting me to vote, I told him it was childish and lacks maturity and integrity. It’s a shame; I like to think of Brian as a well-grounded and admirable man. But, it seems his values and morals went out the window once he ran for (and was elected to) office. Now he’s no different than any other politician, stooping to ad hominem attacks and hackneyed ploys to further his cause.

    What’s even worse is this “fundraiser” isn’t even going to help the disadvantaged people in his district or the State of Pennsylvania. He’s using it to pad his own coffers for his political action committee. Shame. I was really hoping he would be a refreshing change in regional politics, not a stale career legislator.

  4. Jackson says:

    Sims is just another political democrap who enjoys thriving off of tax payers and eats off the fatted steer and lives the life of luxury, while the lesser suffer because of his liberal trash voting record. I’d take an entire house full of Metcalfs who know what real freedom is and will fight for it. Hey Sims you want to verbally attack Metcalf, you’ll be verbally attacked as well. Here’s a tip Sims…Get out of Dodge, Metcalf is in town!!

  5. Ralleyo says:

    Why doesn’t Metcalfe just come out already, too? It is quite obvious to me why he is so “homophobic.” Come on, Daryl, we know the truth.

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