Amidst new dire polling, Gov. Corbett attacks Rep. Schwartz and Obamacare

corbettYou know what they say: When the going gets tough, attack your potential opponent. This morning, Franklin and Marshall released a poll showing Pennsylvania governor’s Tom Corbett’s poll numbers numbers stuck in a rut. Just one in five voters thinks he is doing a good or excellent job  and an entire 67 percent of Pennsylvanians think it’s time for someone else.

Amongst Corbett’s own party, just 34 percent approve of his job performance—and 44 percent, a majority, think the governor should step aside and not even run for re-election.

A re-election campaign, mind you, which will be publicly launched next week.

Until then, though, Corbett’s campaign—Corbett for Governor—countered this morning with an email to supporters attacking two conservative boogiemen: The Affordable Care Act and U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, who is running for governor.

“If you already have health coverage you like, you can keep it,” reads the subject to an e-mail Corbett for Governor sent out.

The subject is a play on recent stories (several of which have already been debunked), showing that contrary to what President Obama said while selling the Affordable Care Act to America in 2009, no, you can’t necessarily keep your current health plan with the new law in place. Or, at least, your current health care company may drop you because of Obamacare.

“If this sounds familiar, it’s because it was just one of the many broken promises made by Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and President Obama when they forced ObamaCare on Pennsylvanians,” reads the email. “Of course, it’s the furthest from the truth, and an NBC News report confirmed the Obama administration knew millions of Americans would lose their current plans. Just yesterday it was announced 180,000 Pennsylvanians would be forced to find new insurance – and 140,000 forced to pay more for it!”

It then goes on to claim Gov. Corbett’s Healthy PA plan to expand Medicaid is better suited for the commonwealth before asking supporters to donate and fight “this disastrous legislation or [Schwartz’s] record of defending Washington’s broken policies.”

Don’t be surprised that Corbett is going negative this early—before Schwartz is the candidate, before his official re-election campaign has begun. Politico released a story earlier today titled “Tom Corbett’s ranking sinks further,” detailing the recent poll and playing into the numerous stories released especially through Politico and the Washington Post, noting that Corbett is one of the most endangered governors in the country seeking re-election.

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