Free Market group targeting Pennsylvania’s unpure Republicans

RandyLANDWe warned you this would be happening. After months of Ross and Rachel-esque “Will they/Won’t they” teases, the nonprofit group American Future Fund announced today that they’re beginning a Pennsylvania ad blitz designed to weed out Republicans who are less pure than Heisenberg’s 90+ percent blue meth.

“Our message is simple: Pennsylvanians are fed up with their elected officials abandoning the free market and supporting policies to increase the size of government,” said AFF Political Action Chairman Nick Ryan. “From the failed Obamacare Medicaid expansion, to the gas tax just this week, and continued government control of the state’s liquor industry, Pennsylvania has slowly become a state that is only an enabler to the liberal national agenda.”

Part of a multimedia advertising campaign “to inform Pennsylvania voters of what their elected representatives are up to in Harrisburg,” the targets will be directly on the backs of those legislators doing their overlords’ bidding from Harrisburg.

When originally hinting of the campaign in early October, AFF said it hoped to “hold conservatives’ feet to the fire to promote basic free market principles.”

AFF spent a modest $1.67 million in Pennsylvania during the 2012 campaign to help Mitt Romney get elected, which did not work.

And if they’re after state legislators with regard to the transportation bill, maybe they should’ve been working on their ads before say, this week. The transportation bill passed in the state House late Tuesday and then got through the Senate (barely) yesterday. Republicans representing southeast Pennsylvania were largely in favor of the bill, considering the funds for SEPTA involved within. These are the Republicans AFF will likely be after, and, as it happens these are the seats most likely to go from Republican to Democrat come November 2014.

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