How many times have we heard things getting “worse” for Corbett?

800px-Pendleton_Sinking_ShipPublic Policy Polling released data yesterday concerning Pennsylvania politics, and, as usual, it’s not looking good for Governor Tom Corbett.

Not only does he trail all seven potential Democratic candidates in the primary; not only do 65 percent of Pennsylvanians disapprove of his performance; but, as it turns out, Tom Corbett is now the least popular governor in the United States.

The left-leaning poll also found that Corbett is disapproved of by his own ilk: “It’s gotten to the point where Corbett’s numbers are even upside down with Republicans,” writes Tom Jensen on PPP’s blog, “only 37% of whom approve of him with 51% disapproving.”

This has led numerous media outlets to come up with what have become typical headlines regarding the Pennsylvania leader.

PolicyMic says, “Tom Corbett: Running for Worst Governor in America.” The Washington Post: “Things going from bad to worse for Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett.” Politico: “Tom Corbett’s rating sinks further.” The Inquirer says, “Poll: Voters would choose any Dem over Corbett.”

And on, and on.

Except wait. None of those headlines were written after this poll. They’re referring to different polls and situations altogether. It turns out record-bad polling numbers and mass disapproval is nothing new for Gov. Corbett, which may be why you’re not seeing him get anything done in the legislature the way he was his first year in office. And even the wins aren’t making a dent.

Getting a budget done on time (which, whether or not it actually happened last spring, he considered a win), passing a transportation bill (that just happened), or giving in and perhaps, maybe passing a bad excuse for Medicaid expansion (the future), hasn’t done anything for his woes. They’ve just become more woeful.

This time around, the headlines are like this. Politico notes, “Tom Corbett’s numbers continue to sink.” PennLive: “Corbett trails Democrats in new PPP poll.” Inquirer: “Corbett wages reelection fight with historically low poll numbers.”

Is there anything that can turn this around? Other than a comically weak Democratic candidate in 2014, that’s hard to say. But back in April, he offered a “darkest before dawn” defense, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

Mr. Corbett said he isn’t bothered by the poll numbers because budget cuts have been painful and the economic turnaround they were meant to achieve hasn’t fully happened yet.

“We’ve been feeling the pain and the economy is only starting to come back,” he said in an interview in Washington Monday afternoon after he spoke at a small-business summit hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

We’re not holding our breath. At least not yet.

…And before I forget, be sure to have a happy Thanksgiving if you can — we’re lucky to exist!

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  1. john mullin says:

    Corbett for dog catcher!

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