Schwartz Campaign calls Wall Street Journal op/ed ‘outrageous’ — but will not drop ‘Third Way’ affiliation

schwartz1Democratic politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Mayor-elect Bill De Blasio (D-NYC) represent a new so-called liberal “economic populism” in the United States—one which hasn’t been super popular since the Roosevelt era. And if we’re to believe a recent op/ed in the Wall Street Journal, written by two members of Democratic centrist think tank Third Way, Warren’s and De Blasio’s popularity is very bad for the future of the party.

This is partly, writers Joe Cowan and Jim Kessler argue, because what’s popular in Massachusetts and New York City is the anomaly. And partly because left-wing populist economic ideas on issues like social security and Medicare are “economic fantasy.”

Praised by mainstream publications like Politico, Third Way and the op/ed have been slammed over the last day by liberals like Daily Kos, which says Third Way “just wants both parties to get along and agree to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs.” Salon has a lengthy takedown here, too.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a liberal organization representing the so-called Elizabeth Warren wing of Democratic activists and politics are now actually campaigning against those affiliated with Third Way in a series of emails.

Specifically, they’re attacking U.S. Rep. and Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate (and frontrunner) Allyson Schwartz, who is an honorary co-chair of the group.

“Shockingly, Rep. Allyson Schwartz is Honorary Co-Chair of this group that’s attacking Elizabeth Warren!” they write today. “Third Way receives a ton of money from Wall Street, but they don’t publicize this on their website or in their attacks on Warren’s economic agenda that stands up for the little guy … If Allyson Schwartz dumps Third Way, that will deal them a major blow.”

I emailed the Schwartz campaign about the attacks and received a note saying she was not happy with the op/ed, either.

“Allyson thought Third Way’s Op/Ed on Social Security was outrageous and strongly disagrees with it,” writes Mark Bergman, the campaign’s communications director. “In 2005, Allyson was an outspoken leader in fighting against President Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security and last year, she fought against Paul Ryan’s attempt to end Medicare as we know it.”

But will she be dropping her affiliation with the group, as many are calling upon her to do? No.

“[Rep. Schwartz] has repeatedly been endorsed by the National Committee to Preserve Medicare and Social Security for her leadership in protecting and preserving Social Security and Medicare for current seniors and future retirees,” adds Bergman.

But PCCC is not done. In a second email from PCCC, they ask “our 29,000 PA members” to ask Schwartz to drop her affiliation.

A third email quoted none other than Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate John Hanger, who is decidedly to the left of Schwartz and most candidates running for governor next year. He also calls on Schwartz to drop her affiliation with Third Way.

“Third Way’s attack in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal on Elizabeth Warren, Bill DeBlasio, and other Democrats who are fighting for working people was misguided and unacceptable,” says Hanger. “Sen. Warren has captured Americans’ imagination and Bill DeBlasio won the mayoralty of New York City because they effectively and unapologetically challenge the political elites and the big money interests just as we are doing in our People’s Campaign for Governor in Pennsylvania. Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz can undermine Third Way’s unacceptable attack on good Democrats and important ideas by resigning as Third Way’s Honorary Co-chair.”

Then, a fourth email sent out by PCCC quotes Jim Dean, chair of Democracy for America, a Howard Dean-led group which claims to have 52,000 Pennsylvania members: “If Allyson Schwartz opposes cutting the benefits that seniors and working families rely on and earn with every single paycheck, now is the time for her to say so publicly and resign from her position at Third Way.”

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  1. Horace Boothroyd III says:

    Politico is a mainstream journal? When did that begin, and why was I not informed?

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