Look at this map of Philly bike crashes

bike-map-screen-shotThe Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has released a map they helped create this summer in collaboration with grad student Tyler Dahlberg, showing Philly bicycle crashes between 2007 and 2012.

The map, created with PennDOT statistics, is incredibly interactive, showing specific sites and the number of crashes at each. I was not able to embed it on this blog, so click here for a larger, user-friendly map.

The greatest number of crashes, as pointed out by the Coalition, was at Broad and Spruce, then Broad and Pine, Broad and Spring Garden, 34th and Spruce, then Broad and Washington.

That said, the map can only show reported bike crashes. As noted in a PW cover story this summer, most crashes on bikes are non life-threatening or seriously injurious, and are not reported.

As noted by Coalition communications director Nicholas Mirra, “[O]ne place where this map dovetails with intuitive feelings and conventional wisdom: Broad Street is not a good place to ride a bike. Hey Philly bicyclists: take 13th or 15th Streets instead.

And how.

2 Responses to “ Look at this map of Philly bike crashes ”

  1. kauffj says:

    It is a specious conclusion to claim Broad Street should be avoided based on this data. Logically, the most accidents will occur where the most ridership happens. You would have to show that the rate of accidents is higher on Broad than 13th, not just the absolute number of accidents.

  2. Kauffj – You’re correct, and we note that in the blog post this article links to. The next step in our analysis will be to compare this data to bicycle traffic volume, so we can understand which intersections are seeing the highest rate of crashes.

    That said, I stand by the sentiment that Broad Street is a very inhospitable place for bicyclists.

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