Medical marijuana bill introduced with bipartisan support

Medical-marijuana-signHowever improbable it is that it’ll pass, Pennsylvania took another step this week toward medical marijuana. State Senators Daylin Leach’s (D-MontCo) and Mike Folmer’s (R-Lebanon) Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act was introduced in the Senate on Tuesday.

The bill, which we first wrote about in November, would legalize cannabidol, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that can treat patients who suffer from seizures and the side effects of chemotherapy. In other words: It has medicinal uses and doesn’t get you high. The drug would be prescribed in liquid drops you put under your tongue.

The bill has not been assigned to a committee, yet. (See update below.) It is the first medical marijuana bill in state history to have bipartisan support, even if the Republicratic duo are anomalies in their own parties.

When asked about his support of the bill, Folmer, a conservative Republican, admitted to the CBS affiliate in Harrisburg he was wrong (imagine that?) about his past opposition.

“I started to look at the research and I realized that I was wrong and we were demonizing a plant that god put on this earth for us to use the benefits from,” he said, adding there are children around the state who suffer from epilepsy and could benefit from his legislation.

But medical marijuana hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and Gov. Tom Corbett said last week that he would veto any such bill until the FDA signed off on marijuana’s benefits. That sounds pretty cheap, but keep in mind Corbett once referred to marijuana as “the most addictive gateway drug.”

Leach is using social media to start a “Meet the Kids” campaign throughout the state, showcasing some of the sick children around the state who could benefit from the bill.

UPDATE: Check out the text of the bill here.

UPDATE 2: The bill was referred to the Senate Law and Justice Committee.

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