How the governor’s accidental tweet introduced me to “C%#t Show”

Whoops: Governor Tom Corbett’s official Twitter page accidentally tweeted out a link Tuesday to a Southern California-based podcast known as I Love Lard. Adding insult to injury, the governor’s feed specifically linked to an episode of I Love Lard titled “Cunt Show.”

The tweet with said link, shown below, was accompanied by a photo of the governor alongside some middle-school children. Which made matters that much weirder.


It was deleted before long and replaced with this one (though the original remains archived at the Sunlight Foundation’s PolitWoops website):


The link looked like an obvious, and embarrassing, mistake. That much was confirmed when I spoke to Valerie Caras, the governor’s deputy director of communications, who wrote it off as a mis-copied shortened URL. “The way that we work is, you put in your URL, and then you shorten it. When that tweet was posted, we just copied it incorrectly, so the last two characters were not copied, and it went to a link that we had zero intention of tweeting out, so we put up a new one,” Caras said, noting the cut-and-paste error: “If you look at the actual Bitly link that was used, it’s If you just copy the first part of it and not include the ‘T-y-d-r,’ that’s when you get to the site that you’re referencing.”

As for that site I’m referencing:


The podcaster, a Californian named Marina Rose Martinez, had described “Cunt Show” on her I Love Lard site as follows: “Saying nasty things to christian bosses, needing the Jesus so bad, abused Asian housewives, I am the devil, dead kittens for my birthday (oh you shouldn’t have), fuck you old man—mind your own damn business, hey guys, our number is new.” Sadly, “Cunt Show,” as interesting as it sounds, is not available as audio anymore.

To find out what it’s actually about, I had a phone conversation with Martinez on Tuesday afternoon. When I explained who I was and what had gone on, her first reaction was just like yours, probably: laughter. “I want to absolve the governor of Pennsylvania,” she said. “I’m absolutely sure they have nothing to do with me.”

I Love Lard, she explained, is a podcast about her life—just regular goings-on in SoCal. So what about all that stuff about “Christian bosses” and such? That episode was about a former coworker: “He was a nice man, but he was also extremely Christian,” she said. “We did not feel the same way about gay men. [My opinion is] they are great and wonderful, and there should be more of them … [Once] I tried to joke with him, but—I made a joke about gay men who are in the closet and pretending to be straight, and … it really touched a nerve with him. Then it all really clicked into place. I was like ‘Ohhhh.’”

Martinez still records the podcast, calling it an outlet for expressing things that might not have a place in daily polite conversation. “It’s about my life. I am extremely foul-mouthed, and the older I get—I started this podcast when I was in college, and now I’m almost 30,” she said. “When you’re in college, you can sit back and talk shit, like, all the time. But as you start to get older, your friends start to have babies, and they don’t want you to say the C-word in front of the babies.”

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  1. Marina says:

    Hey Randy,

    Great blog. I went into the show and fixed the audio, so people can listen to it. I just want to say that this was recorded 5 years ago, and the story itself takes place years before that. It’s such an old page that comments are closed, but people can hit me up on twitter @marinaisgo.

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