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DAILY GRINDER: Philadelphia Media Network May be Sold Today, Amidst new NJ Cronyism Allegations

The Philadelphia Media Network could be sold as soon as today. The alleged group set to make the purchase includes George E. Norcross III, a South Jersey “Democratic powerbroker,” Lewis Katz, Ed Snider and H.F. Lenfest. Estimated asking price: $60 million. And here’s something: A new report from the New Jersey State Comptroller notes the Delaware River...

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DAILY GRINDER: Priest May Have ‘Stalked’ Kid

A former Catholic High School student testified yesterday that Rev. Francis Trauger, who allegedly was shipped to several churches in part of the vast Philadelphia priest cover-up currently being tried in court, stalked him as a teenager. Trauger is not on trial, but the story is being used to show Monsignor Lynn, who is on trial, covered up the incidents. Speaking...

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DAILY GRINDER: Rep. Metcalfe Tells Bob Brady to Stop Endorsing Fraud

It’s on: State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe put an open letter to Congressman Bob Brady on his website yesterday, telling the Philly Democratic boss to “stop endorsing voter fraud and corruption,” in regards to the recently-signed Voter ID bill. Brady has put out a statement against the bill, which Metcalfe, who sponsored it, says is necessary because ACORN...

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DAILY GRINDER: Nutter Calls Trayvon Martin’s Death “An Assassination”

Mayor Nutter went on MSNBC on Sunday to speak about the Trayvon Martin killing in Sanford, Florida. “I’ve called this nothing short of an assassination,” Nutter said. “This individual Zimmerman followed Trayvon for some period of time. Trayvon was not a threat to him.” There is a candlelight vigil for Martin tonight at 6:30 p.m. in Love...

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DAILY GRINDER: Philadelphia Man Arrested on Suspicion of Helping #OWS Dump Shit

A 25-year-old Philadelphia man was arrested on suspicion of helping Occupy Wall Street protesters drag and dump containers of human feces and urine in Lower Manhattan. According to the New York Police Department, OWS members dragged “large quantities of human urine and feces” into an open air plaza at the corner of Nassau and Cedar Streets, the dumped the...

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DAILY GRINDER: Drexel U. Attacked for ‘Abortion Clinic Escort Service’

Our dear friends at Life News have a new boogeyman: Drexel University. (All those engineering students in one place? Sounds fishy.) The school has a service in which students can escort women to abortion clinics, protect them from potential anti-choice protester harassment, observe protesters and make sure none overstep their bounds. This is terrible, according...

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DAILY GRINDER: City Council to Take on Movie Ratings?

A new documentary about bullying, called Bully, is set to open in theaters at the end of the month, and is likely getting an “R” rating. Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney has started a petition that’d remove the rating so schools could show it. “This film, for me, is more about the kids who are not the bullies — the kids who are spectators, so...

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DAILY GRINDER: AG Candidate Murphy Says he Won’t Enforce ‘Ultrasound’ Legislation

Former Congressman and current Pennsylvania Attorney General candidate Patrick Murphy claims he won’t enforce the ultrasound bill if it goes into law and he is elected in November. His Democratic primary opponent, Kathleen Kane, is also opposed to the bill but has stopped short of saying she plain old won’t enforce it. Gov. Corbett is now saying his “Close...

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DAILY GRINDER: Another Alleged Philadelphia Terrorist Sympathizer Arrested

Philadelphia resident Bakhtiyor Jumaev was arrested yesterday on charges that he supported a Uzbek terrorist organization when he allegedly sent money to Jamshid Muhtorov, of Colorado. For one reason: “Muhtorov and Jumaev are also suspected of trying to participate in a “wedding” — code for terrorist event or attack — planned by the Islamic Jihad Union,...

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DAILY GRINDER: Video: Corbett Statement on Voter ID Bill

As you may have read yesterday, the House passed the state’s Voter ID bill and Gov. Corbett dropped everything to sign it at 6 p.m., just a few hours after it was sent to his desk. A legal challenge looms over the bill and even the Obama Administration has jumped in, calling the measure “a costly bill to address a non-existent problem.” Perhaps Mr. Obama...

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