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DAILY GRINDER: A Time-Lapse Video of Citizen’s Bank Park Getting Ready for Hockey

The Flyers will play the Winter Classic against the Rangers on January 2 outside at Citizens Bank Park. Now, want to see a sweet time-lapse video of the park’s field being turned into a hockey rink? Of course you do. Check it out here. A seventh person came forward on the Friday before Christmas to say she, too, was molested by former Philadelphia Daily News...

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DAILY GRINDER: Councilwoman Discriminates Against Jehovah’s Witness?

Jehovah’s Witness and former Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell assistant Tyeisha Boulware has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia and City Council for unlawful religious discrimination. Boulware claims being a Jehovah’s Witness barred her from wearing a Christmas-themed sweater to a holiday party and voting. Blackwell didn’t like that,...

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DAILY GRINDER: Gov. Corbett Decries Liquor ‘Privatization’ Plan

You think it, Tom Corbett says it! (OK, his press secretary does. This time. Sort of.) “The governor wants to privatize the LCB,” he said yesterday, as reports of House Bill 11’s new “privatization-lite” language swept the Commonwealth. According to the amended PLCB privatization bill in the House, the LCB would keep its state stores, though...

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PA’s Backward Expert-Witness Law Creates Advantage for Jerry Sandusky

Though the grand jury report outlining allegations that former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky routinely raped young boys entrusted in his care is damning, when it comes to the trial, Sandusky and his lawyer Joe Amendola have a few home-court advantages here in Pennsylvania. For one thing, thanks to a bizarre statement buried in standard jury instruction, the...

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DAILY GRINDER: Ex-Philly Police Captain Told to Stop Wearing Uniform at Occupy Protests

Philadelphia Police Chief Charles Ramsey sent a cease and desist letter to retired Philadelphia Police Captain Raymond Lewis, who was recently arrested at an Occupy Wall Street protest. Ramsey would like you to take off your shirt, Mr. Lewis. “It could give the mistaken opinion that somehow this is a statement being made by a member of the police department,...

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DAILY GRINDER: Sunday Beer Hours Extended

The Pennsylvania Legislature voted yesterday to extend Sunday beer hours, in spite of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s “You’re gonna get raped” ad campaign. The way it was, you were only allowed to shop from noon until 5 p.m. Now, assuming Gov. Corbett spills some ink, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The PLCB doesn’t sell beer, though it does license beer distributors....

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DAILY GRINDER: Former Philly ‘Supercop’ to Head Bahrain Police

Former Philadelphia Police Chief and ‘Supercop’ John Timoney, who presided over brutal police beatings at the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philly and the 2003 Free Trade Area of the Americas summit in Miami (in which the ACLU accused Miami police of using excessive force, unlawfully arresting bystanders, the usual…) has gone on a little tropical...

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DAILY GRINDER: West Philly Pre-Teens Accused of Attempted Rape

Three West Philly 10 and 11 year-olds turned themselves into the Philadelphia Special Victims Unit on Tuesday, and are charged with attempted rape and sexual assault. The three allegedly attacked a boy in a Bryant Elementary School. The alleged victim was an 8-year-old. New rule: If you want to be a bouncer in Philadelphia, you may need to get trained and licensed...

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DAILY GRINDER: Some Occupy Homeless Move to Port Richmond

There’s a story in the Daily News this morning all about how homeless advocate Dennis Payne “commandeered” the move of about 20 tents to an park encampment east of Richmond Street, north of Cumberland, along the Delaware River. Payne is calling it Liberty One and says it’s only for the homeless, many of whom left Occupy Philly Sunday night to live there. Numbers...

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DAILY GRINDER: Drexel Student Arrested in Egypt Protests

One of the Americans arrested during the Egypt protests, Gregory Porter, is a Drexel University student and resident of Glenside. He and two other Americans were accused of throwing firebombs from a rooftop within the university compound near Tahrir Square. ‘International and area studies’ probably doesn’t sound like one of those majors where you could...

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