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DAILY GRINDER: Will Ret. Philly Police Captain’s Occupy Arrest Influence Law Enforcement?

Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis was arrested at Occupy Wall Street last week and then went on MSNBC’s weekend liberal nerd show “Up with Chris Hayes” to talk about it. He went so far to say, “Corporate America is using our police departments as hired thugs.” Earnes A. Canning at Brad Blog thinks Lewis’ point has the potential to “spread...

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DAILY GRINDER: Occupy Philly Told to Leave; Will they ‘Self-Evict?’

Occupy Philly received an eviction notice last night that may be more vague than it’s letting on. It reads: “Notice of start of Dilworth Plaza construction. Be advised that the permit for demonstration on city property issued by the City of Philadelphia effective 10/6/11 expires at the start of Dilworth Plaza construction project. The project’s commencement...

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Watchdog Study Refutes Natural Gas Economic Outlook

The natural gas industry has been suffering a few black eyes here and there in Pennsylvania and nationwide lately. They’re being protested, there are increasing complaints of explosions, spills, and accusations that their operations have been causing people and livestock to get sick. There’s untold damage to the pristine forests and streams of Pennsylvania,...

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DAILY GRINDER: Things Only Getting Worse For Penn State; Sandusky Does Interview, Lawsuits Expected

SICK: Out on bail, alleged Penn State pedophile rapist Jerry Sandusky admitted on television last night to showering and “hors[ing] around” with children, but swears he never molested any of the eight boys he met through his charity, The Second Mile. On the phone with Bob Coatas, he said: “I have hugged them, and I have touched their legs without intent...

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DAILY GRINDER: Gov. Corbett Correctly Defends Paterno Firing

Tom Corbett went on Fox News Sunday, Meet the Press and This Week yesterday to discuss the “Penn State University coddling a child rapist and those who are aware of them scandal.,” or whatever they’re calling it now. Corbett correctly defended the university for firing Child Rapist Protector Joe Paterno this week. The governor also said he wants to strengthen...

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DAILY GRINDER: Vince Fumo, Joe Paterno, Penn State Riot Kidz All Feeling the Heat

Imprisoned former state senator Vince Fumo had six months added to his prison term (it’s at 61 months now). He also now owes an additional $1.1 million on top of the $2.8 million he’s already paid in fines. At the sentencing, Fumo gave what the Inky called an “often rambling statement,” which included, “I am tired. I am depressed. All I want is...

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DAILY GRINDER: Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier OUT at Penn State

Both Penn State coach Joe Paterno and school president Graham Spanier have been told to board the next bus to “Anywhere but here.” That was announced, in so many words, last night, after the school initially said Paterno would leave at the end of the season. Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley was been named interim coach and Penn State provost Rodney Erickson...

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DAILY GRINDER: Tom Ridge for Penn State President? (Oh, and City Elections)

Former Pennsylvania Governor and head of Homeland Security Tom Ridge may end up as the replacement for Penn State President Spanier, considering dude resigns. The number of victims in the Penn State sex abuse/child torture/cover up case has allegedly doubled. There are now “as many as 17” accusers. Joe Paterno’s son says those resignation rumors are hogwash,...

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DAILY GRINDER: Allegations of Child Sex Abuse in Penn State Football Program

Former longtime Penn State defense coordinator Jerry Sandusky faces 40 counts of charges related to the sexual abuse of children and could spend the rest of his life in jail if convicted. Coach Joe Paterno, who’s said to have passed on information related to Sandusky when he heard about it, released a statement this weekend. “The fact that someone...

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