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About the tea parties

Sad to say, but the tea parties were one of the biggest displays of sore loserdom seen in recent U.S. history.

Ostensibly the parties protested the massive expansion of government, the accompanying growth of the federal budget and, not least, the use of taxpayer money to bail out private individuals and businesses in danger of financial collapse. These events may well be worthy of protest — and vigorous dissent is a vital, necessary part of the American tradition — but they were happening five months ago. Conservatives were not massing in the streets then, however.

What changed? Easy. George W. Bush left office. And Barack Obama became president. Thus the whiff of sour grapes over the whole affair.

No doubt the demonstrations included many people legitimately concerned about the growth of government, regardless of which party is in power. But the glee of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and the rest of the Fox News gang in promoting the tea parties suggests those sincere folks were co-opted by Republican operatives less concerned about free market capitalism and more interested in undermining a Democratic president.

This would be merely exasperating if it weren’t for the alarming rhetoric on display. Some demonstrators compared President Obama to Mao Zedong, as though raising marginal tax rates was equivalent to mass murder. Others warned of revolt — Texas Gov. Rick Perry even suggested his state could leave the union — and many carried signs warning of “taxation without representation.” Which is ridiculous: Whether you love or hate the new policies in Washington D.C., they are being crafted and carried out by duly elected representatives of the people.

Lovers of small government probably should protest President Obama. They should’ve done it under President Bush, too. That they waited tells you what the protests were really about.

  1. Patrick Says: Apr 18 3:15 PM

    Mr. Mathis, I am an independant voter who unfortunately leaned towrd the democratic side, but have in the past few yers become thoroughly disgusted with their parlor games. I find your thoughts on this matter to be similar to a conspiracy theory. The fact that informed american citizens excercised their constitutional rights to assemble, should not be brushed off as some game being played by republicans. Sure, if I was a politician I would come to a place where many registered voters are gathering in reference to government policy. I am sure some “blue-dog” democrats would have liked to as well, but did not want to alienate themselves from there parties policies. This current economic situation is not a cause of just George Bush, in our government we have many elected officials and a system of checks and balances. Many mistakes have been made from the late 80’s through the 90’s and into today that casued our current problems. When I was in high school in the 90’s and Clinton was president many people warned that our over dependance on credit would one day hurt us in a great way. That day is here. Both Clinton and Bush in the late 90’s and early part of Bush’s administration, saw need to put some regulations in place. Sadly The Senate felt otherwise and these two presidents observations were largely ignored and with the wars, and the economy still rolling, it became a back-burner issue. Your simple surmisation that this is just a political parlor trick is similar to Marie Antoinette’s “Let them eat cake” statement. In 1980 I was born, that same year the Zimbabwe dollar was introduced and it’s value was 40% above our U.S. dollar. In my lifetime it has become the most worthless form of currency in the world, and many African nations will not even exchange for them. With the current overspending being done in our government what will the U.S. dollar be when my children come of age?? We all hear of sins such as murder, greed, lust, lying and so forth. One sin God detested and is hardly toushed upon today is the law of Pesumptuos Sin. Let us not be presumptuos in assuming that the good ol’ USA is imperviouos to collapse. Russia, Egypt, Rome, Aztlan, the British Empire, all have fallen away and on hard times. Some no longer exist. Be wise not arrogant. We will never again have a civil war in the USA. In todays world nations simply fall into utter anarchy and the bloodshed only multiplies. Reference our nieghbors in Mexico for an example.

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