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Breaking news! Fox News distorts the news!

OK, that’s actually old news, which is why I only have snarky jokes to make. Still, Media Matters’ analysis¬† that Fox showed only opponents of health reform in its town hall coverage would, I think, pose a challenge to serious conservatives. Doesn’t a realistic view of the world — and the ability to effectively counter your opponents arguments — require depicting the existence of opposing views and understanding/representing them fairly?

I mean, I get it: “Liberal media” blah blah blah. But the angry opponents of health reform were certainly getting their air time on CNN and MSNBC the last month or so. On Fox, the opposition simply disappears when it’s not being mocked.

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    [...] can flip the channel to watch the speech if they so choose, It would seem that FOX is committed to controlling the information its loyal viewers see.  Its almost as if they concerned their conservative base might actually realize Obama is a [...]

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