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Probably light political blogging here today, folks. Trying to stay abreast of developments in the SEPTA strike for PW’s main website.

  1. George McCartin Says: Nov 3 8:49 PM

    Below is a copy of an inquiry I sent to the SEPTA offices. I’m not sure if it is useful; but it is a really bad business policy if it is upheld. Some patrons may be able to use their passes. For many of us though, the weekly (or worse, monthly) purchase represents near total loss on top of inconvenience and added expenses.
    I am inquiring about the value of my TransPass. I was able to use it only for one ride. There are no lines servicing my area that are in service. What will the return/exchange policy be?

    Indications on the site and in the press are that the pass will not be honored if it has been used. Is this the case? If so, the pass is not properly honored for the purchased services. This is especially true of TransPasses (as opposed to Trailpasses) as these have more limitations. I’m sure this problem affects a great many readers. If this is not the case, than it should be no trouble for the passes to be exchanged for a new weekly or credit.
    Thank You,
    George McCartin
    Port Richmond

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