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ACT UP protests the shortage of AIDS housing in Philly

How I spent my lunch hour:

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  1. cliffwms44 Says: Nov 25 3:30 PM

    This is a vintage moment in ACTUP history housing for people with the virus is not only an important step in raising the quality of life for people it supports our well-being mental physical spiritual and environment, shelters and cafe’s are unable to facilitate an HIV+ population during my stay in the shelters I fought with protecting aninimity from other residence up until I cought scarlet fever you see the cots are positioned a meer few inches apart and me with a compromise immune system well if someone coughs without covering, even telephones are a risk not too mention the meals are high in colesterol and people with the virus most medications raise colesterol I remember being served alot of bread pasta potatos all this makes for a risky stay. The ventilation was most times poor during certain times the air is on if it works and with sweats you can become ill. When lived on the streets I could not find a place to sleep because police would come and make you move or you face the threat of being arrested. I am HIV+ when mayor nutter ran for his office I registered many people from the shelter system to vote
    I am so sorry I could not have been there because of another obligation It hurt me not to be in attendance.

  2. Nancy Gunnarson Says: Nov 30 4:22 PM

    Thank you for taking time out of your day for great coverage on AIDS Housing. It is such a great shortage in Philadelphia for people living with HIV/AIDS and will help the quality of Life if the City helped in funding for more Housing.

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