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The Lilliputian Life: Tiny Houses

The New York Times has an interesting article about the small house movement going on.

I’m way into the idea of pre-fab eco houses, and have a very real-life goal of living in one in Maine with the chillin’ running around. Having no children, this sounds both glamorous and ideal.

80 square feet is pretty small, though.

Mr. Jenzen, the article’s hero, says this about converting life into such a small space:

“According to Mr. Janzen, he came to the realization that “I don’t want this life — the life of someone who’s working too hard to pay a large mortgage to live in this house.” The catalyst, he said, was watching the value of his home plummet with the rest of the real estate market, while the time and money required to maintain the property only increased. “The energy cost is enormous,” he said, “and the bigger your property gets, the more there is to do.””

I can see that.

Sabrina and Ben’s 640 sq. ft. house in Bangor, Maine. Read about it here.

A video about a woman named Dee Williams building her own tiny house in Washington State. I love that she’s all, “My fridge has only half-and-half and beer in it. What more do you need?”

Plans are cheap, too! Land and materials not included.

Whoa! Someone named Suzanne from Philly is totally on the same page at the same time.

A tiny house built on Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota. Sigh.

tara | Sep 12 2008 8:47am | home, eco, tiny houses | Comments 6

Dwight Shedd  says:

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Nov 6 6:28 PM

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Jun 18 12:49 PM

Bill Burgess  says:

I have been trying to get TV production people to do a series on Park Model format. The Idea is to get two shells and have teams finish each with a limit of $25K total cost. Shells are available from most factories at between $12K and $15K finished to sheet rock.

Jan 26 10:15 AM

Terrie  says:

Beautiful little house.

Jan 26 1:03 PM

LouAnn Gurske  says:

To Bill, Love your idea! I can see a contest for charity, with the house being auctioned off or tickets sold and the winner gets the house. Design teams could be local designers, builders, contractors etc. The TV show could go around the country. What a brilliant exposure to tiny/small houses. People would watch the competitive shopping, design aspects. Audience participation in voting for the winner. Local team participants would gain exposure in their area. A win win all the way around. As an interior designer who is excellent at thinking outside the box, I would apply to be on a team in a heartbeat! This could also promote tiny house/park model size communities to be allowed to be built, as town/city leadership would see the interest in the number of people watching and voting and begin to realize that it would be a winner for their community as well as bring money into faltering town/city coffers via property taxes and people of all ages moving into these “little” neighborhoods who would also support local businesses. Love it!

Jan 26 2:44 PM

Kachina  says:

Wish I could see the inside,love the outside.

Feb 22 1:37 PM


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