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A Letter to Lady Gaga

Dear Lady Gaga,

We get it. You’ve got the best gams in show business. (Way better than that poser Xtina.) Do you think maybe you could put on some pants now? Please.


erica | Jan 12 2009 6:34pm | FASHION, lady gaga, pants, wtf? | Comments 227

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Paul  says:


Jan 12 7:00 PM

Caitlin  says:


Jan 13 1:16 PM

The Brian McManus  says:


Jan 14 2:11 PM

z  says:

shes got more fashion than your style blog

Feb 4 1:07 AM

candace  says:

Who needs pants!?
Pants are for squares.

Feb 21 9:45 AM

Tanner  says:

Naw she cud keep them off u look amazing gaga keep it up

Feb 23 5:28 AM

wako  says:

shes a NICE LADY though.. So easy.

Feb 23 9:57 PM

Round Belly  says:

Yea nice but a bit meaty for you PETA (perfectly edible tight ass)

Feb 26 1:02 AM

courts  says:

she an icon for having her own stylee…
ppl now a days dearnt stand out from the croud
y try nd put her down…??

Feb 26 5:25 PM

ben_rodney  says:

nice ‘gams’, but ugly face! eyww!
maybe she shows off those gems as a distraction?
the huge sunglasses she always wears also cover most of her face

Mar 3 8:02 PM

dred mafia son  says:

who cares this is america you can do what ever you want. and who cares about the face i would do her. shes rich famous and respected by many. gaga could give me a call any day and say hey lets chill and i would. and yeah she has way more style then this page goes and ever will.

Mar 6 7:07 AM

jay  says:

shes a NICE LADY

Mar 11 6:50 PM

taylor!!  says:

you guys are just jealous that she.s better than all of you:D

Mar 12 10:51 PM

Rose  says:

I like her…but i wouldn’t say she was original. She has taken things from other people, almalgamated them to form what she has become. Madonna for example and Tori Amos too.
But I like some of her music and i don’t think shes ugly…shes uniquely pretty!!
Shes definitly not the worst role model younger generations can have!

Mar 13 1:06 PM

Leigh  says:

Gaga is cool, she doesn’t care what people think about her. Thats why she wears what she wants. As for putting some pants on, please don’t. :D

I like her music and who cares if she has taken something from other artists, these days, who hasn’t?! Hot as though, i would p-p-poke her i’d p-p-poke her face.

Mar 17 10:24 AM

Ali Bhai  says:

No No No Pants, Remove those panties too.

Mar 19 6:35 AM

The Electronic Cigarette  says:

Dear Ms Gaga,
Please for the love of all that is holly – put on pants!

Mar 20 1:07 AM

CiCi  says:

she has the best style for celebs!!
dont be hating on her!!!
ur jus too jealous that she can pull this off and u guys cant!! :)

Mar 21 1:19 PM

LikesGaga  says:

You bleeding hearts, that jib was funny. Dont take it to heart Geezus.

Mar 21 4:46 PM


well she was a stripper so…. its kool… and every1 loves it that arent gay or female

Mar 21 9:00 PM

Sora  says:

I really agree…. She should probably hire a stylist that isn’t blind too. Seriously, none of her outfits are even close to being fashionable..

Mar 25 10:45 PM

dumbassreally?  says:

“Dear Ms Gaga,
Please for the love of all that is holly – put on pants!”

. .. u mean holy?
or holly.. the green plant with the red berries?? haha

Mar 26 12:23 AM

Selma  says:


Apr 4 7:30 AM

losers  says:

you all are a bunch of UNOBSERVANT PEOPLE,

1) Her face is hit up horribly, which is why she always puts enormous obstacles to cover it.
2) Just because you choose to not be PROMISCUOUS, doesn’t make you a prude
3) Her music is subpar at best, its typically club dance shit that fades out after a few weeks
4) If you ever seen her perform live, then you wouldn’t say shit about how “good” she is

Pathetic bunch of middle aged men who can’t get real ass so you worship celebrity ass. losers

Apr 6 1:59 AM

SPAWN J  says:


Apr 8 9:09 PM

Chantelle  says:

dont yu dare call my fave singer aa fucking slut! just coz she dus sum peculiar poses duznt meen she is a slut!!! replyto this as an email and send to i love you lady gaga

Apr 9 9:12 AM

umitsdani  says:

i’ve seen her perform live and she’s better live than in her recordings
the amount of effort she puts into each of her performances is something to be desired.
i’m not a middle aged man, i’m a 15 year old girl
and you’re probably some freak who likes listening to mindless music with no passion
people are too quick to judge people who are in the limelight, you’re never gonna be up there, never gonna get a number 1 hit and you’re never going to have people admire you
you have too much hate
i love the gaga :D

Apr 13 2:27 PM

Cyn DerBlock  says:

anything to distract us from the nose, i guess.

Apr 20 12:45 PM

Jeroen  says:

She’s a PRODUCT made by a recordcompany, to make money for them, like most of the so called ‘artists’ these days. There’s a whole lot of computers between her ’singing’ and what you hear on the radio and/or tv. Fake. She is hot, that’s for sure :P

Apr 21 5:52 AM

Bianca  says:

Well, she said ‘pop music will never be low brow’… but I think she meant ‘french cut onesies are cool, right?!’

Apr 23 3:58 PM

njfhjfdg  says:

there is a rumor da lady gaga was born with both vagina and testicles

Apr 24 11:33 AM

Gabbie  says:

Just Because Gaga Is Better & Has Way More Fashion Scene Than Anyone Doesn’t Mean To Say She HAS To Wear Pants She Could Go Naked Now Everyone Would Like That !! Leave Gaga To Do Her OWN Thing ER Body HER Rules She Can Do Whatever The Fuk Wants

Apr 28 5:26 PM

Maren  says:

The no-pants-style is the style of Lady GaGa. Do you know why?
Because she didn’t like it to be called: ‘Amy Winehouse II’ or ‘Christina Aguilera II’.

May 1 10:23 AM

Amy  says:

She barely avoids arrest for her barely-there styles in places like Chicago, London, and Moscow. She’s even gotten a citation before! Her response: “It’s not that I don’t like pants, I just choose not to wear them some days.”

May 4 4:52 PM

Hamish  says:

I say leave the pants off lady gaga is say woo!

May 6 7:16 AM

Karen  says:

Lady Gaga is a freaking PROMISCUOUS LADY. She claims she a good girl, well good girls don’t strip. And that video ” Love Games” she freaking
naked in one part. She has good parents, what went wrong with you.
I see you went to good top schools for the arts, and you do have musical talent. By the way you go around the way you do.
You look like you were a wild little LADY in school.
Your parents & family doesn’t deserved that. Your a bad roll model,cover up more. Focus on your music more, then your next to nakedness outfits.

May 25 5:55 PM

gros cave  says:

You’re jealous cause you’re a OVERWEIGHT PROMISCUOUS PERSON.

May 26 6:46 PM

fire  says:

why the heck are you guys all like “ur just jealous because you cant pull this off” and crap. shes not attcking lady gaga. and who cares if she is? you have to admit- lady gaga is weird. believe me, ive seen her live. thats prolly why shes famous. i think shes weird and could use some pants, but i still like her music. so stop insulting the person who wrote this.

Jun 7 11:49 AM

Mandy  says:

She doesn’t wear pants because of her grandma. She said “My grandmother is basically blind, but she can make out the lighter parts, like my skin and hair. She says, ‘I can see you, because you have no pants on.’ So I’ll continue to wear no pants so that my grandma can see me.”

Jul 11 1:04 PM

arany sára  says:

nekem tetszik lady gaga

Jul 26 5:03 AM

Vovan  says:

Мне первая фотка очень понравилась,да и вообще Lady gaga сама очень красивая

Jul 26 6:52 AM

gaga is stupid  says:

lady gaga SUX!! she looks like A LADY I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO!

Aug 2 9:16 AM

Americanboy  says:

Vovan says:
Мне первая фотка очень понравилась,да и вообще Lady gaga сама очень красивая

i agree with whatever he or she has said : P

just kidding
err… i like gaga’s song i think they are awsome but yes she is ugly. However she can dress as she like, if i were famous i would do it

Aug 6 2:38 PM

sarah  says:

Love you bye

Aug 7 12:59 PM

zendog  says:

That’s no Lady, she’s packing a surprise!

Aug 7 4:34 PM

HI  says:

i see the DISCO STICK from her ZWIDDER

Aug 7 6:35 PM

Unknown  says:

did u no she is really a man
look it up if u dont believe

Aug 7 7:34 PM

Mahalia  says:

Fuck some people are dicks. Who gives a shit what she wears shes her own person, she has a hot body so why not wear stuff like that.
If you have to say rude shit about other people you must have extremely low confidence in yourself. No need to be judgemental now

Aug 8 10:28 PM

cierra  says:

hello my name is cierra
i love lady gaga you r so kooooooolll i love your work ya my fave song of yours is just dance

Aug 9 7:04 PM

layah  says:

Can you see LADY GAGA’S ding-a-ling? did she tuck it in? I can see LADY GAGA’s bulge for reals! Lady gaga is alright, LADY GAGA’s music doesn’t make much sense, LADY GAGA’s a better song writer for other groups/singers but LADY GAGA’s fame hopefully will fade. YOU CAN SEE THE BULGE, HOTT… can LADY GAGA f@k LADY GAGA’s self? can LADY GAGA get LADY GAGA’s se;f prego?

Aug 10 12:36 AM

layah  says:

HAMISH…. I don’t think you want it to leave the pants off b/c you might find that IT is TITILLATING and SEXUALLY CONFUSING you will get more than what you bargained for

Aug 10 12:39 AM

steve  says:


Aug 10 5:27 AM

youre all so f-ckn stupid  says:

Looks like lady Gaga has her own disco stick. The people who defend her just wanna fuck her or wanna be her, and the people who talk shit are just jealous. NICE LADY GOT A DISCO STICK. Any girl can take their pants and shirt off now days and make money. Prostitution will be legal one day. AND YOU ALL CAN SUCK HER DISCO STICK

Aug 10 10:26 AM

renee  says:

i hate gaga

Aug 10 10:59 AM

jgzeger  says:

I give Gaga high marks for intelligence and style. This lady really knows how to push people’s buttons and has learned a lot from Madonna. I wish her lots of success.

Aug 10 11:29 AM

tori  says:

she has a DISCO STICK!

Aug 10 5:19 PM

U Are Retarted !!  says:

shes got more fashion than your style blog [2] , U and ur blog arw pathetic !!

Aug 11 8:34 AM

Vegas Dita  says:

Lady Gaga admitted today on the radio she has a weiner! And a vajayjay!….EWWWWWWWW

Aug 11 4:06 PM

Vegas Dita  says:

“Its not something that I’m ashamed of, just isn’t something that i go around telling everyone. Yes. I have both male and female genitalia, but i consider myself a female. Its just a little bit of a penis and really doesn’t interfere much with my life. the reason I haven’t talked about it is that it’s not a big deal to me. like come on. its not like we all go around talking about our vags. I think this is a great opportunity to make other multiple gendered people feel more comfortable with their bodies. I’m sexy, I’m hot. i have both a poon and a peener. big f**king deal- L8d Gaga,” she blogged in December 2008.

Aug 11 4:11 PM

Dave and Matt  says:


Aug 11 4:40 PM

greg  says:

errrmmmmm, have you seen the bulge between her legs guys??????

Aug 12 4:44 AM

Kamil  says:

a wy co tak po anielsku nawalacie ?? co polskiego nie znacie ??? przeciez jesteście polakami a nie jakimis anglikamii !!!! jaaa lubie tą babe nawet przy jej piosenkach tańcze aleee gadać do niej po anielsku ?>? to juz ptrzesada jak zrobili polska strone to niech się nauczy Polskiego a nie my musimy po anielsku w polasce nawijać !!!

Aug 12 9:24 AM

Nick  says:

Look, leave Gaga alone so she dresses differant that doesnt make it wrong or crude or any crap like that and i am sure shes not nearly as PROMISCUOUS as some of you people so please, just shut the hell up about her.

Aug 12 12:02 PM

peeps  says:

its so easy to attack someone that isnt in your face to fight back and its so easy to point out or make up somebody elses faults as if you all myself included dont have any of our own. grow up and get a life! be nice and say something meaningful or shut the fuck up!

Aug 12 6:57 PM

The Impaler  says:

She stole her style from Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons. Like everyone in music these days, steal your style from someone in the past. All pop music and even most electronica, bite the 80’s New Wave sound and look. Look it up.

Aug 13 3:49 AM

marzenka  says:

gaga jest fajna ale i tak nikt na tej stronie nie będzie wiedział co napisałam więc dupa tam heh

Aug 13 9:38 AM

abagail  says:

let her be! thats “the lady gaga” style! its better that she doesnt put pants on because if she does she will be like every other boring celebrity.

Aug 14 12:24 AM

abagail  says:

her style is not like every other celebrity, her style is unique!

Aug 14 12:26 AM

joey  says:

this NICE LADY is a dude so all of u thinkin shes hot ur NOW SEXUALLY CONFUSED

Aug 14 2:57 PM

Mr. Purple  says:

she has a penis!!!!!!!

Aug 14 4:47 PM

TOP84  says:

I agree with joey LADY GAGA is a guy and you people are certainly NOW SEXUALLY CONFUSED. All part of the WEIRD HOMOPHOBIC RAMBLINGS.

Aug 15 1:06 AM

Sure  says:

Gams is a word invented for talentless little NICE LADIES who write for fashion blogs. Seriously, they’re LEGS, and you sound like a massive twatwaffle when you refer to them as gams. Cut it out, NICE LADIES.




(editor’s note: hi, this is Emily G, and I’ve been replacing many of the derogatory-towards-women-transgender-and-gay-people terms in some of the comments on this post and this post alone, because shit, it’s our blog and I don’t feel particularly obligated to give people who come in after google image searching “lady gaga with no pants” a platform to be hateful.


Here is a lesson on talking about people whose gender you are confused about: it is cruel, dehumanizing and impolite to refer to any human as “it,” regardless of what you think of their genitalia. If you are confused about someone’s gender, it is simple etiquette to refer to the person by the gender pronoun that they dress as, which in Lady Gaga’s case is SHE. Have you seen your aunt’s vagina lately? Do you refer to your priest as “he” because you’ve seen his penis and verified that he’s a man? No? So, HE or SHE, never IT. Take my advice, people, if you ever live in a city you will meet people who are in a grayish area when it comes to gender, and I bet your mama didn’t teach you to be polite to only SOME people.


“Twatwaffle” I’m OK with, though. Also: People, it is spelled JEALOUS, spell it right if you’re so convinced.)

Aug 15 4:07 AM

Austin Noss  says:

You are just JELOUS that you couldn’t pull it off wearing something so amazing!

Aug 16 2:00 AM

Nagy Zita  says:

Jo de csúnya nagyon

Aug 17 10:49 AM

modelface_loves_you1996  says:

omg lmao lady gaga is the best but she should sometimes at least put on a skirt or somethingt instead of a leo like really. but i still luv her songs. [especially pokerface]

Aug 17 9:44 PM

modelface_loves_you1996  says:

wow you people are stupid like really i should know lady gaga is my icon

Aug 17 9:45 PM

modelface_loves_you1996  says:

but i still luv yall >;}

Aug 17 9:46 PM

miss_fire_redd_chick  says:


Aug 17 9:48 PM

miss_fire_redd_chick  says:

except modelface she make a GOOD god damn point

Aug 17 9:49 PM

bubba_ gump_ rules  says:

luv ya all

Aug 17 10:02 PM

Steve B.  says:

Are you talking about those tree trunks there in the pictures? THOSE “gams”? Are thunderthighs and fat calves the Flavor of The Week, now? So many trends. So little time. Could you post a printable scorecard, maybe?

Aug 18 9:53 AM

Merk  says:

nice legs indeed. but what about her music? Still sucks. maybe she should be a leg model instead of a singer…bye bye Auto Tune

Aug 18 8:48 PM

Merk  says:

by the way…what does bein rich have to do with talent…look at George Bush…if i say Lady gaga is whack i gotta be deemed as a hater. trip off what the NICE LADY is talkin bout in her songs. then get mad at me for callin her a “NICE LADY”.

Aug 18 8:56 PM

Merk  says:

Steve B. likes bony broads. cuz this chicks legs are lightweight on the mini side..i should know. i’m a leg/booty-ologist

Aug 18 8:59 PM

ugh you all  says:

such haters! i hate to see women hating on other women

Aug 20 10:46 PM

HAHAHA  says:

camel toe- Shes still hot but shes got a cameltoe

Aug 21 3:51 PM

Patrick Winslow  says:

Ooops! I always thought Lady Gaga was a guy. She’s so UNATTRACTIVE TO ME

Aug 21 5:13 PM

xty  says:

ohhh!!she looks sooo HOMOSEXUAL. i really thought she was.. but i love her music though even if she doesn’t have originality,~its danceable! she’s still an icon.. and wear some pants aryt! its not good for kids..

Aug 22 12:40 AM

ciara  says:

i think u are pretty, but it looks like u don’t eat at all :)

Aug 24 9:16 AM

Dr. Doomsduck  says:

teehee, don´t get me wrong, I love her style, it´s odd in a very cool way, with the plastic bubbles, poofy sleeves and whatnot . But every time a picture like this shows up I can´t help thinking “oh, someone forgot to put her pants on this morning.”

Aug 25 9:07 AM

big marlin  says:

I think it,s ah tv

Aug 28 12:32 PM

dzenana  says:

you all are jerks you don¨t understand her music she is the great singer and I love her and her music

Aug 28 2:19 PM

Georgina x  says:

she’s half mann love er :/

Aug 29 7:54 AM

fabi  says:

bom nessa foto ela ta mais bonitaa!!! nada a ver ela loira!
te adoro lady!

Aug 30 7:57 AM

biteme  says:

Erica is jealous, and losers is an asshole.

Sep 4 12:00 AM

richard corio  says:

How about releasing as a single .Beautiful and filthy rich.Actually thats what I am .GA GA.This is a love game from the virgin islands.

Sep 7 8:06 AM

Dhapynie  says:

wtf? ld gg nnt bttr thn xtn…

Sep 9 10:50 AM

Jason  says:

she has a penis AND a vag, no joke

Sep 9 12:42 PM

David!  says:

ummm, for all of the ididots that are saying lady gaga is a shim, and that are disssing her style need to worry about their own pathetic lives. it’s stupid and your stupid, she wears awesome clothes. and that bullshit about her having a penis?,before i get started(dont try to say im wrong ive seen the pics), her outfit was too big in the crotch region and it folded up. and her music is kick ass:D and even if she does have a penis i still love her, and you can suck her cock, lmao.

Sep 9 3:34 PM

David!  says:

and oh yeah is her music is WAYYY better than xtina’s.

Sep 9 3:37 PM

Ana  says:

She is hot with make up on.. :]

Sep 13 4:31 PM

Yılmaz Kurt  says:

she is man wtf

Sep 13 7:37 PM

bruce  says:

dvd s fg….y shld sck hr dck

Sep 14 12:26 PM

miron  says:

esse estilo de se vestir é muito sexy!!
vejo nem tanto blz mais uma coisa excitante kkk…
e as musicas ótimas…

Sep 18 11:04 PM

mana-sama  says:

k sexy es super linda o lindo nu creo si k sea intersexo aun k aya videos k lo muestre y si lo es nu me importa va a seguir siendo mi idola!!!!

**********forever lady gaga**********

Sep 19 11:30 PM

ryan  says:

I would marry lady gaga.

Sep 20 10:57 AM

hi  says:

d y rckn hrmphrdts gt prds?

Sep 21 8:41 AM

Pragmatic  says:

“sh” s fg nd n gl n t tht

Sep 21 10:07 AM

your mom  says:

you guys who think shes sumthin are pretty lame

Sep 21 5:45 PM

ralf  says:

oh my god she has fatty legs

Sep 21 6:54 PM

osito  says:

well, at least she is not wearing gangster, thug costumes. She is truly an artist. The thugs who wear the gangster/thug clothes are talentless with no vision.

Sep 24 1:10 AM

Yeah right  says:

I heard she was a guy!!!

Sep 24 4:01 PM

Dont listen to everything you hear  says:

i heard she was guy too but i dont think its true.

Oct 7 7:06 PM

Kaylie  says:

She is awesome! I’m 10 years old I watched the paparazzi video yesterday night-! how dare she? Is she the one who came up with the idea? Anyway she’s freakin awesome!

Oct 11 6:31 PM

Jennivive  says:

! She’s hot. My fave song is just dance. Just-just-dance gonna be okay da da duh nuh dance! Wish I could shut my playboy mouth oh oh howd I turn my shirt inside out inside out yo! Contorl your poision babe roses have thorns they say and we are gettin hosed tonight uh-uh-oh! Srry i luv dat song so fn much!

Oct 11 6:36 PM

Heh  says:

Only got through a few comments before I about vomited. Somebody justified Gaga’s style by saying she’s “respected by many.” It’s a good thing folks identify respectable individuals by how rich and famous they are – oh an most importantly, by their sex appeal. Her fashion and oh-so-poetic lyrics really hit on some profound and ground-breaking ideas – who ever heard of a song about sex?

Nov 5 12:39 AM

Allyah and kaitlyn  says:

we think she is beautiful especially she is a good singer and if u put her down 4 all we know she could quit! we love her and her style so back off u haters!

Nov 25 4:51 PM

kaitlyn  says:

i think gaga is nice but sometimes she does things people shouldnt do but suck it up mean ppl

Nov 25 4:55 PM

Allyah  says:

i was lady gaga 4 halloween and i inspired her 2 b herself and go out and drink till she falls. she loves her fans they inspire her every day so if u dont like it u should b talking 2 her fans not her! she is doing nothing wrong ok! so if u have a prob with her dont take it out on her take it out on ppl like me!!! that inspire her to do things like wear no pants. so dont go around hateing her go around hateing her fans!

Nov 25 4:59 PM

Allyah and kaitlyn  says:

we luv u gaga

Nov 25 5:11 PM

bobo spanx  says:

total dude

Dec 9 11:29 PM

ricardo  says:

stpd btch smll lk ss

Dec 21 1:20 AM

nelson viva  says:

wouldn’t touch her with bargepole

Dec 25 11:31 AM

E Cigarette  says:

lady gaga is such a babe in her music video poker face, but then in other pictures, she looks like a completely different person.

Jan 7 11:39 PM

Jenni  says:

Lady KAKA is beautifull:)

Jan 16 3:09 PM

x JODIKINZ x  says:

lady gaga is amazing!! shes an absoulute stunner!! :P TOTALLY BRILLAINT MUSIC!! the world wouldnt be right without her.

Mar 6 6:01 PM

x JODIKINZ x  says:

and btw the monster ball didnt set me free.. she did…

Mar 6 6:03 PM

Bronwyn  says:

Okay so I’m not like a huge fan of lady gaga but I don’t hate her, but making the argument that she has more money and therefore is better than everyone is just kind of stupid. George Bush has way more money than me guess I should respect him too!

Mar 14 4:27 PM

lilmis902  says:

Lady Gaga is ace and i think sometimes i think her costumes can be a bit to revealing. Sorry Lady gaga

Apr 11 10:23 AM

lilmis902  says:

But i love her costume on telephone!

Apr 11 10:57 AM

ddd  says:

that is unbeliveble

Jun 3 8:30 AM

tamara  says:

uuuu lida linda yo amo a gaga es lño mejor ademas sale muyb linda en esas fotos que lindo que lindo :D

Jul 12 1:34 PM

TOBI CAT  says:

umitsdani, you’re an idiot.

“i’ve seen her perform live and she’s better live than in her recordings
the amount of effort she puts into each of her performances is something to be desired.”
I won’t argue with these, because I bet they’re true. She seems very motivated, and a great performer.
“i’m not a middle aged man, i’m a 15 year old girl
and you’re probably some freak who likes listening to mindless music with no passion”
I thought… I thought Gaga’s was the mindless stuff. Did I miss something?
“people are too quick to judge people who are in the limelight, you’re never gonna be up there, never gonna get a number 1 hit and you’re never going to have people admire you
you have too much hate
i love the gaga :D
Yes, I am (going to), although you weren’t talking about me… And I do some pretty weird shit too, as a performer.
What about hate? Hate has nothing to do with #1 hits and admiration. Hate is a beautiful thing, and it’s what keep me moving forward.

ANYWAY! I like your blog better– although, in two vastly different mediums, I don’t really know how they can be compared.

Aug 20 5:35 PM

TOBI CAT  says:

Dr. Doomsduck, YES!
“teehee, don´t get me wrong, I love her style, it´s odd in a very cool way, with the plastic bubbles, poofy sleeves and whatnot . But every time a picture like this shows up I can´t help thinking “oh, someone forgot to put her pants on this morning.””
Ok, her style isn’t my favorite. But I HAVE to admit that there is some pretty cool stuff. Home run king is also strike out king.
There is nothing wrong with this freak attire, that’s ok.
But, maybe, she overdoes it?
I guess, you have to dig through the shit to get to the real gems.

Aug 20 7:54 PM

Nazy CdeB  says:

i luv her so much but this was interesting…im not that kind of blinded-fan

Sep 3 6:05 PM

queentemilayo  says:

yeah it ur lyf BABE
live it! but always rememba 2 put on urpants.
guess u forget dem at home

Sep 16 2:14 PM

kimberly  says:

I love her with brunette hair it works…love it!!!

Sep 16 4:06 PM

Sofi  says:

U r just cool!!I Like your style.:):)

Sep 18 7:24 AM

Sofi  says:

U R just cool like u!!:):)

Sep 18 7:26 AM

lady gaga fans  says:

u r my best fans,lady gaga!!!i love u…u r the best in the world although u r a weird people…u r the best,lady gaga!!!!

Sep 20 4:20 AM

amit  says:


Sep 20 10:15 AM

sd  says:

All you guys are just haters because your not as cool fashinable rich or famous as her and quit hatin and learn good music then talk shit!

Sep 24 8:46 PM

Suzy  says:

hhahaha omg erica your sucha fucken jealous freak just cuz shes famous nd ur not :p lmao if you reallly suggest she should put some pants on then why do you keep looking at them Lmao

Sep 24 11:36 PM

Hein Min Htike  says:

i am very like telephone and bad romance songs
you are vary beautiful…
Bye Bye sister

Sep 27 5:02 AM

Miley  says:

Lady gaga is to sexy for me I just don’t get it

Sep 28 7:27 PM

Lexi stitzer  says:

i was lady gaga for haloween! she is the best and always will be! my friends say she is retared and weird but I always say you’re weird! haha she is the best

Nov 27 3:09 AM

NIKKI  says:

All these people talk bullshit about GaGa being this, that & the other. She’s the type that alot of people can relate to in many ways…She has a positive live life no matter what attitude n I LOVE IT N LOVE HER…She has given me the motivation to be who i am….which is different…very, very different from other teenagers. Lady GaGa is a celeb that i can honestly love forever n will…..thats till the day she dies…hehehe:D OH what the heck even if she dies i’m still gonna love her, just like the late King Of Pop.. but she’s a ledgend & has truly stained the music industry with her mind bogling loveable lyrics, catchy tunes, crazy costumes, outrageous-ness & amazing attitude. love you GAGA!!! From Nikki (all the way in South Africa)

Dec 5 4:11 PM

Danazha  says:

is that nicki minaj

Dec 6 7:39 AM

Danazha  says:

my cousin Kennedy she love your songs but i dontthat much

Dec 6 7:42 AM

Mr. Radio  says:

Let Gaga be Gaga she’s pretty. And she doesn’t need pants if she doesn’t want them

Dec 15 9:13 PM

eylee  says:

i lov lady gaga she is so prety
an has her own staly sorry bot i cant write well my inglis
i will love to meet her one day she is so owsome
i love evrything that she hear
eres autentica loka te amo bessos ********

Dec 16 2:33 AM

halaq  says:

hai lady gaga, who are you.Is very best you and Why you video clip cloth bra and panties.

Dec 19 5:39 AM

SHELBY  says:


Dec 26 1:21 PM

SHELBY  says:


Dec 26 1:23 PM

SHELBY  says:


Dec 26 1:26 PM

pee  says:

lady gaga you are dome

Dec 29 1:24 PM

pee  says:

hannah montana is better

Dec 29 1:25 PM

pee  says:

ten you and justin beiver is sezyer

Dec 29 1:26 PM

Translator  says:

Vovan says:
Мне первая фотка очень понравилась,да и вообще Lady gaga сама очень красивая

Translation: “I like the first picture, yes and in general Lady Gaga herself is very beautiful.”

Dec 30 4:51 PM

will  says:

It really us a shame how any dumb little idiot can go on the net and start a blog! These poor, neglected people have been so psychologically damaged by their families that they need a way to vent.

So…I forgive this blog and it’s starter.

I do forgive, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be shoved in front of a bus.

Jan 1 9:30 PM

okushka  says:

I love lady gaga. She is my idol. I am mongolian.

Jan 2 4:42 AM

AMAN  says:


Jan 7 2:42 AM

hector  says:

Anyone that calls there fans monster has a problem,an those that accepted to be call little monsters have a bigger problem…

Jan 7 5:51 PM

AMAN  says:

Fu,fu,fu,fu,fu man ji bjauri kazkokia issisokele,nemoka nei normaliai rengtis-nes atrodo tai kaip kokia bomze o dainuot tai jai dar toli grazu….Apie bomzus tai dar nekalbu…….Jai dar toli iki bomzes nes ji ir taip kazkokia psihe…

Jan 8 9:00 AM

tatie  says:

lady gaga you are the best singer over your best songs is fashion and pokerface.

Jan 10 2:16 PM

HECTOR  says:

i het you lady gaga you make me so mad i will shet on your face . ps i love justin bieber you make the werst songs over.FU FU FU LADY GAGA

Jan 10 2:26 PM

miley  says:


Jan 10 2:32 PM

gaga rules  says:

dear stephanie aka (lady gaga) you rock i love your music i love u you rock

p.s. love your outfits

Jan 10 5:33 PM

mical  says:

i want to fuck lady gaga

Jan 12 3:24 AM

kristen  says:

Hey people who reads this … this has noten to do with lady Gaga but is there anyone 12 or 13 or 14 years óld

Jan 12 5:00 PM

mellissa  says:

gaga is cool dont dis the miss shes the best shes a bit crazy but shes mint

Jan 13 10:39 AM

The wiz  says:

Go gaga u rock my world i love u like crazy

Jan 13 12:51 PM

mya rodriguez  says:

you are the best one i ever.

Jan 13 5:09 PM

mya rodriguez  says:

i like you girl.You are the best singer i ever had in my whole world.You are the cooles girl i ever had i think you are the one who willwin

Jan 13 5:15 PM

Rob  says:

All you people are pathetic. You will never meet her as a person. Your life won’t be dramatically changed ( well if you have half a brain). And looks within the eye of the beholder. So some thinks she is hot and some don’t. So what! Does it really make you people feel good cause you argue back and forth. Pathetic !!!

Jan 14 7:26 PM

ping  says:

ugly and awful

Jan 15 7:17 AM

Amitab  says:

no need to put on pants, u got great legs !!! show them off !!!

Jan 16 4:34 AM

elexis  says:

lady gag ur r soo very awesome no matter what those ass holes say! i love u and all of ur song and i cant wait to see and hear more of your!

Jan 16 11:19 PM

elexis  says:

oops srry miss gaga i spelled ur name wrong! but still love ya!

Jan 16 11:20 PM

Anonymous  says:

Pointless much

Jan 17 5:11 AM

shanto  says:

gaga is very………….

Jan 18 11:05 PM

jjjj  says:

gaga as cool

Jan 19 9:28 PM

BobbleHead  says:

Xtina is still wayyyy better than homo Gaga :D

Jan 20 9:05 AM

SASSY T  says:


Jan 22 6:23 AM

SASSY T  says:


Jan 22 6:30 AM

you guys r sad  says:

umm.. really? some chick/dude tries to make a funny on lady gaga, and all you people HAD to flame it…? lol :| grow up….

Jan 22 9:55 PM

crazylatexgirl  says:

Gaga has always been in limelight for her funy dressing sense, i guess her wardrobe must be full of the funny and amazing dresses, though she is looking nice in these latex pants, I have seen many of her funny outfits, you want to see it ?- have a look0

Jan 24 3:26 PM

edy  says:

e urata Lady Gaga da` are norok k stie sa cante!!!

Jan 27 3:37 AM

snow bunny  says:

i don’t think lady gaga is a man i know she is a man

Jan 28 3:41 PM

Dexter Whitaker  says:

Hi guys i think Lady Gaga is very hot with make up or not also i love her songs very very much i wish i could sing like her bu a person can only if you get in to the recording room where they tune your voice.
I just want to say Lady Gaga i am a gay male 19 and stay in Cape Town i might not be rich or so or be famous but damn i will go straight for you any time baby well i was hopping to here more new music by now also maybe you should try and make a dance video also where you sing in it every one will like bye your video just try it you might have more than just being a rock star show us you can as i know of some one who will buy that video.

Any way you are just like me i don’t care what other people think or say as they are just jelouse they cant do what we do i’m not famous as you but i sure have shit lot of friends and i also dress funky any way take care would like to meet you some day you should come have a show in cape town you might make alot here also

Feb 1 9:47 AM

Dexter Whitaker  says:

Well if Lady Gaga is a man then we have some thing in commen any way you people out there how many of my friends did not go for a sex change also where is micheal jackson he is gay he wanted to be white so he was white my goodness why go so on about a person get a life sorry i forgot you don’t have one: edy

Feb 1 9:50 AM

cheeky lil fox  says:

I dont care what anyone on earth says about gaga.she rocks!!!!keep up the good work girl…ps wear what u want.not everyone can pull of meat and u did it.

Feb 5 6:03 AM

feras  says:

vare naiss

Feb 6 1:56 PM

faryad  says:

lady gaga kose nanatکس ننت
man asheqe damaqesham

Feb 9 6:32 AM

balu  says:

lady gaga sexy wallpapers,lady gaga hot pics

Feb 11 9:43 AM

dfgbbghdfhdfhdhd  says:

Ha…. that is oh hair como tens and eyes your brlus not is greeen car shourv lady gaga sexy biferit life ho gaga ……

Feb 21 4:44 PM

dfgbbghdfhdfhdhd  says:

andy landy gaga is girl sowo music love ah oh med is singuer e byonce and gaga como singulles you tenss oooooo ar free guer rai good very good and tha row lig king e pricess e rou aou gat my oy end go never say your thas come here o hare quern nerr sayyy soy you and me end the

Feb 21 4:49 PM

mitzi  says:

i like lady gaga songs and all her moves i whant to know her in real life thats my dream

Feb 23 8:34 PM

mitzi  says:

because i’m a dancer and i’m going to dance one of her music it is call “alejandro” i’m a profesional dancer

Feb 23 8:36 PM

lara mae espiritu  says:

i love you lady gaga your my no.1 fan in my history of history record’s life even if that makes sence,i still love her and quite a great fashonistic gal girl!i always dreamed to be with you on a concert or even in my friends in fb! <3 ♥ love love love i want your love i want your drama the touch of your hand……………:) <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Feb 24 6:28 AM

anonymous name  says:

she’s a loser….hahahahaha

Feb 25 8:24 AM

reply  says:

that’s right “anonymous name”

Feb 25 8:27 AM

mollie x  says:

i dont personaly like her fashion but i think she has a epic style of music and singing so plz leave her alone. xoxo

Feb 25 4:11 PM

holly x  says:

i like her songs and i like her personality so plz stop dissing her plz x

Feb 25 4:13 PM

mollie x  says:

i agree with holly x her personality is cool but their is no need to put mean things about her. x

Feb 25 4:15 PM

holly x  says:

thanks for agreeing with me n lol i know they dont have to put nasty words lol. x

Feb 25 4:18 PM

s_onlygirl  says:

lady gaga shaal teneg t1t1t1t1t1

Feb 26 8:45 AM

mili  says:

lady gaga teneg

Feb 26 8:47 AM

mili  says:

nag mili gedeg xaxaxaxax toglosiim

Feb 26 8:52 AM

Bea Bitsh  says:

No, i prefer her like that xD Don’t you?

Feb 27 1:34 PM

Peter  says:

Actually without all that crap on her face she is attractive and worth looking at

Feb 27 5:08 PM

lucia  says:

agora loira meu q coisa mais RIDICOLA

Mar 1 7:38 PM

Wanka!!  says:

the only one needing pants is SpongeBob. Show it of GaGa

Mar 4 7:09 AM

lil gangsta  says:

go gaga go take off those pantz whoooo lovin it bby call me at 956-414-0546 bbe or whoever lokks perty i dont wnt no ugly girls go it

Mar 4 11:33 PM

lil gangsta  says:

i love u gaga come put ya pussy on me

Mar 4 11:34 PM

vyo  says:

laba zi de zi

Mar 6 12:43 PM

Conveyancing quotes  says:

This is a great post. Thanks for sharing this.

Mar 8 7:03 AM

Derpper  says:

Bet you didn’t know this…. but…. Lady Gaga is Marilyn Manson, bet you didn’t know that. It will come out some day, then all you dudes that jerked off to him will jump into a fire.

Mar 8 7:53 AM

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