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Happy Thursday: All You Need to Know About the Street Style Blog Phenomenon

It’s not always easy to piece together a cleverly styled outfit when your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. and hitting the snooze button would deprive you of the chance to make coffee.  Luckily, the ever-growing popularity of street style blogs could offer some inspiration.

Lookbook, an online community of the fashion savvy, is even more entertaining.  The people featured on here actually get dressed, style their hair, and somehow find a way to take pretty impressive shots of themselves using the self timer function on their digital camera. And while I can appreciate the idea of an online community for cute kids, I kind of resent this at the same time because how much time can you possibly have in a week to post eight photos of yourself in eight different elaborately styled outfits with perfect lighting while shot with a self timer!? Too much!! Too much, I tell you! If you look that “cool,” you should have places to go or friends to see, or something, right?

My favorite blogger had some poignant style commentary about Lookbook. (Poignant, as in, this post is really hilarious and totally worth reading.)

As for local street style, I found this girl on Philadelphia magazine’s street style feature.  I also found this sad, sad Philly street style video report in which a girl in a boring shapeless khaki trench rattles off the names of all the designers she is wearing, and I am kind of over it before she stops talking, because I don’t get the whole “spend a fortune yet look like you are a preferred Kohl’s shopper” deal.  Let’s keep this in the suburbs! A douchey-looking college guy is stoked to show off his Old Navy-esque striped sweater, reminding me just why I am always out and about in the city yet still single.  Another girl describes her dress as, “vintage but not vintage.”  In conclusion, if anyone approaches you in the streets of Philadelphia and asks to take your photo, or, “who are you wearing?,” immediately dash home, tear off your clothes, and set your “stylish” garb on fire in the closest side street trash can.

emma lee rose | Jan 29 2009 11:57am | FASHION, trends, philadelphia fashion, street style, style blog | Comments 0

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