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ThursDIY: 8-foot giant squid pillow

emily and squiddartha

Me and Squiddartha

So I love to make things as presents; the idea of giving someone something that nobody else has is much more appealing to me than giving someone another book or DVD. I thought that I’d share some of my projects here so that other people can try them if they want.

I do ask that if you make one, you send me a picture at for my gallery of squids.

So to start off, I thought I’d post instructions on how to make my boyfriend’s 2008 Christmas present: an 8-foot giant squid pillow.

You’ll need:

  • 2 yards of felt
  • 1 yard of patterned fabric (I suggest a polka dot-type pattern so it looks like suction cups)
  • 1 medium piece of black felt, 1 medium piece of white felt (for the eyes)
  • white thread, black thread and thread of the same color as the felt you’re using
  • pins
  • about 5 lbs. of stuffing
  • a couple big sheets of paper to draw your pattern

You can find many of these things down at the many places on Fabric Row, on 4th Street between Bainbridge and Catherine. Pearl, at 417 South Street, sometimes has stuffing if you can’t find any.

First, you need to draw out your patterns. Here’s a basic template to get you started, although most of the measurements are reasonably fudgeable. If in the likely event you don’t have any four-foot-long pieces of paper lying around, just tape a few pieces together.

These aren't to scale.

Once you’ve drawn out your eight patterns, it’s time to cut the fabric. Pin the pattern to the fabric, laid flat, and cut out the following, leaving a half an inch or so of extra fabric around the edge of the pattern:

FOR THE ARMS: 8 felt and 8 fabric cutouts of piece 1

FOR THE, UH, LONGER ARMS: 2 felt and 2 fabric cutouts of piece 2

FOR THE BODY: 2 felt cutouts of piece 3

FOR THE FIN: 4 felt cutouts of piece 4

FOR THE HEAD: 1 felt cutouts of piece 6

FOR THE EYES: 2 white felt cutouts of piece 7 and 2 black felt cutouts of piece 8

So now you’ve got all your pieces ready, it’s time to start sewing them together. I did mine by hand because my sewing machine is busted and I get a kind of Zen buzz from sewing by hand, but if you have a non-busted one I recommend that you use it as it will be MUCH EASIER. You’re going to be sewing everything with the nice side of the fabric facing in, then turning it inside out to stuff it.

THE ARMS: Pin together one patterned fabric piece 1 and one felt piece 1 (with the nice sides facing the inside). Sew down around the U-shape and back up, leaving the top open. Then turn the arm inside out, stuff it (it’s easiest to do both of these things if you sort of scrunch it up like you’re trying to put on a pair of tights, excuse the non-dude-friendly reference) and sew the top closed. Do the same for the other seven arms and rejoice in the fact that this is the most tedious part. Same deal with the two long arms, they’re just harder to stuff.

THE FINS: Pin together two of your piece 4s and sew together the curvy outer edge. Turn the piece inside out, so the seam you just sewed is on the inside, and start sewing up the other side, stuffing gradually as you go along. You should end up with a triangle-ish puffy thing. Repeat for the other two piece 4s.

THE BODY: Put down one piece 3, then place the two fins you have down with the point up and the curvy side pointing in, then make a sandwich by putting the other piece 3 down on top. Pin it all together and sew around the edges with the two fins still inside, as shown. Turn it inside out and move on to…

THE HEAD: So take piece 6 and the ten arms you’ve already done. Lay the arms, fabric side facing you, out with the arms’ top seams in a line half an inch from the top of piece 6. The order should be arm arm arm arm BIG ARM arm arm arm arm BIG ARM. The legs should be almost entirely covering piece 6. Pin them in place and sew a straight line through the individual legs seams to attach the legs to piece 6.

When you pick up the other side of piece 6, you now have something resembling a really weird untied hula skirt. Sew together the two 9-inch ends of piece 6 with the fabric side of the arms on the outside, and keep it inside out for the moment.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Fit the open end of the body through the arms (still fabric side facing out) and pull the edge all the way through the felt cylinder so it’s even with the edge that DOESN’T have arms attached to it. Sew around the diameters of the head cylinder and the body cylinder to attach them, then pull the legs down over the head and you’re almost done!

Stuff the body, then seal it off by sewing piece 5 over the open end (even if you do have a functional sewing machine, you’ll probably have to do this part by hand).

THE EYES: Sew the black circles on the white circles and whipstitch the eyes onto the head. You do this last because you can’t tell where they’re going to end up on the end product if you put them on before stuffing the body.

And now you have your very own 8-foot giant squid to hug! Although I figure that, since this is a project that requires quite a time investment, there won’t be a ton of people making them, if you do make one, please send a picture of yourself with the finished product to! I’ll update the gallery with your entry.

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Erica  says:

This is out of control.

Feb 12 2:17 PM

Drew  says:

I want a landshark!

Feb 12 3:44 PM

Ginger  says:

holy shit dawg

Feb 15 4:33 PM

Nancy  says:

Awesomeness!! :D
I think I’ll try a smaller one -maybe 4 feet- for my brother!

Feb 16 11:07 PM

Too many topics, too little time. » 8-foot giant squid pillow  says:

[...] [From PW Style » ThursDIY: 8-foot giant squid pillow] [...]

Feb 17 10:38 AM

Fanny  says:

The giant squid pillow is so cool! But, I cannot see the templates you have on this page… =(

Feb 17 8:57 PM

domi  says:

WOW that’s one cute squid. I would love to make one, but the template is not showing. Help!

Feb 18 11:23 AM

Caley  says:

Works perfectly as a body pillow and may somebody soon be the perfect addition to our growing squid-craft collection! Thanks for sharing! You’ve been mentioned here at our blog:

I’m thinking about starting a flickr group on squid crafts for reals…

Feb 19 9:57 AM

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[...] rampant in my house! This *amazing* out-of-control tutorial by Emily G shows you how to sew an 8 foot Giant Squid pillow. I simply had to share this on Tutorial Thursday. I think I’m going to start a Flickr pool [...]

Feb 19 9:57 AM

Caley  says:

Whoops, that was

Obviously too excited, hehe

Feb 19 9:58 AM

Rachel  says:

No way! This is AWESOME! Seriously hilarious and creative, I love it! I’ll be linking.

Feb 19 4:17 PM

Susan Kelley  says:

Thank you, you have done the world a great service.

Feb 20 3:51 PM

Salihan  says:

LOL! That rocks! I don’t know whether the hubby will feel left out if I pick the squid over him. :P

Feb 20 6:00 PM

lisanik  says:

Now I know what I’ll be doing over spring break. This is badass.

Feb 22 3:45 PM

Emily G  says:

OMG people that say they’re going to make a squid: my price for this tutorial is PICTURES. Post a link in a comment here or send them to me at

Feb 22 7:44 PM

claire  says:

i’m going to make one of these… but much, much smaller… for a marine biologist friend. i’ll send a picture when i finish. THANK YOU for the pattern, all i have to do now is a little math and i’ll have a miniature in no time!

Feb 25 12:38 AM

matthew  says:

ahh i tried commenting the pics of mine but it wouldn’t work :/

Feb 27 8:05 AM

Andy  says:

the patterns and some other pictures aren’t showing up. can you fix this?

Mar 6 4:05 PM

Emily G  says:

I am not sure why the patterns aren’t showing up for some people… I’ll bug the internet people on our end; in the meantime, the inclusion of details such as your browser and operating system along with “I can’t see it!” will help us figure out what’s going on more quickly.

Here’s the direct link, in case that will work:

Mar 8 3:17 AM

Joel P  says:

It seems to me that you could make a very spiffy handbag/carry-bag by doing this pattern at about 1/3 the scale, leaving out the stuffing and piece #5, and adding a button and buttonhole to each of the long arms and at least a couple of the short ones. That would let you have a sturdy two-button connection, and a long, medium, or short strap depending on which arms you joined.

Mar 8 7:42 PM

mantraodoom  says:

I can not view the pattern pictures on this page. OH NO, squiddy rapture is so close…yet so far away. What should I do?

Mar 9 9:35 AM

mantraodoom  says:

Sorry… forgot the technical stuff… my browser is internet explorer, my operating system is windows vista

Mar 9 9:37 AM

JML  says:

mine is the same a mantraodoom…internet explorer, vista. mayybe i”ll try firefox…

Mar 11 7:51 PM

JML  says:

ok i tried it on firefox and it said the picture contained errors…maybe convert the pictures to another file type, like png

Mar 11 7:55 PM

mantraodoom  says:

YES!!!! Thank you JML!!! I will have your babies…for dinner, of course :-P

Mar 12 1:52 AM

Emily G  says:

OK, I’ve tried re-exporting the pictures I made in Illustrator, cuz those seem to be the ones that are giving some people problems. They are now pngs, please let me know if you still can’t load them!

Mar 12 10:21 AM

JML  says:

yay they work!!!!!!! im gonna go make them now

Mar 12 6:10 PM

Emily G  says:


Mar 16 12:43 AM

BAT  says:

This is neat. I want to make a big pillow shaped like…well, like something else, sort of similar, and I didn’t know how to go about it. This helps. Don’t be offended, please.

Mar 19 8:39 PM

The Electronic Cigarette  says:

I can honestly say I have never seen a giant squid pillow before. You are certainly imaginative and creative. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Mar 20 12:56 AM

I don't think so  says:

this is the ugliest thing i have ever seen

Mar 20 3:24 PM

koala_man  says:

There are no words to describe the awesomeness. Might as well stop the internet, no one will ever beat this.

Mar 21 3:07 PM

Friday Squid Blogging: Make a Giant Giant Squid Pillow |  says:

[...] Photos and instructions. [...]

Mar 22 12:26 PM

Bri  says:

This is really neat, and I want to do it. However, I don’t know much about sewing. Could you tell me what stitch you used to sew the pieces (i.e. backstitch, or whatever)? And what kind of thread (I would assume just regular thread, but when I go to the craft store they have so many kinds)?

Mar 22 2:34 PM

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Mar 24 1:57 AM

Nick  says:

Oh wait, from 2007.

Mar 24 11:47 AM

..  says:


Mar 24 2:57 PM

janet  says:

this is great! will use different fabric i think hmmmmmmmm :/

Mar 24 11:28 PM

mash  says:

GREAT! You know? I made a giant salamander with glittering felt! And it was for a gift! So.. I really like your idea! Wonderful!

Mar 25 4:39 AM

Kirsten  says:

I. MUST. Have. One.

Mar 26 11:58 PM

Match  says:

Better than a pillow to sleep with…this one will keep you awake…

Mar 28 12:03 AM

Marie  says:

I made one! Her name is Demelsa Howard.

It was challenging for a beginner … my very first sewing project … my mom helped me with the tough bits. :3

Mar 31 1:02 AM

vanessa  says:

that is soooo adorable! im gonna make one RIGHT AWAY!!! that is soooooo creative…must be left handed ;)

Apr 6 10:34 PM

gil mann  says:

i think squids are wet and wily and always cold,they need a iconic
woman to help us undertand their plight….squidon….

Apr 14 1:48 PM

evil squid  says:

wow, i love squid and this looks amazing! :D
thx for the instructions!

May 3 12:12 PM

andie  says:

wuz piece 5 for?

May 3 5:45 PM

Foodaholic  says:

Cool Pillow! Great instructions too.

May 17 8:22 PM

mental_floss Blog » You Can Have Your Squid & Eat It, Too  says:

[...] An 8-foot giant squid pillow! [...]

Jun 22 11:03 AM

Sorlenna Elf  says:

This is awesome–I’m SO making this for my friend! I’m very glad you’ve worked out the pattern (and my sewing machine does work, whew), but I’m going to try to find some giant googly eyes instead…I’ll definitely send a pic when it’s done–can’t wait to get started! THANKS! :D

Jun 25 11:32 AM

Sorlenna Elf  says:

So, we have achieved squidness, and I sent a pic…wondering if you got it? Right now, SquEd sits on a nearby futon watching me out of his right googly eye. Heh.

Jul 8 11:37 AM

Emily G  says:

Yup, I got it! I’ve just been somewhat lax on updating the squid gallery. You’re up there now!

Jul 8 12:44 PM

Gaelic_69  says:

Mahlegeth is not suffering. But Mahlegeth will devour us all.

Jul 16 9:11 AM

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Jul 16 7:05 PM

Arielle  says:

My boyfriend made me one of these as a substitute cuddle buddy before he went on his six-week camp canoe trip. I love it!

Jul 28 2:10 PM

Alex  says:


Aug 4 10:24 PM

zorak  says:

this is made of win.

thanks so much for the pattern! i’m making my toddler one for christmas now. i just don’t know where i’m going to hide it until december…..

Aug 20 10:28 AM

Postcards from L.A. | PW Style  says:

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Oct 20 2:41 PM

Kim Kotschi  says:


Oct 25 12:05 PM

Aarti Khazana  says:

Thank you, Thank you so much for the pattern you posted for the squid. I used felt which was inexpensive and easy to work with. My son had to represent a scene from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for school and he choose the scene where he needs to fight off the giant squid. The science teacher liked to so much, she took it for her classroom decoration. The kids in my son’s class named him Marty.
Again thank you!

Oct 30 9:22 PM

countmystars  says:

Thank you for posting the pattern… I just finished mine and he is AWESOME.

Nov 21 7:28 PM

Maven  says:

My son fell in love with the giant squishy squid last summer when we found Cassandra Nguyen’s squid online. I’ve been promising him I’d make him one, and now here you are!

Dec 4 5:51 PM

shawn holt  says:

You have helped me make what I am sure is going to be my daughters favorite Christmas gift. She wanted one of Cassandra Nguyen’s but they are $2500.00 So I made her this one with your help. It’s 9 feet long and made of a quilted material and heavy courderois, with a hidden pocket inside.

Dec 23 4:22 PM

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[...] the lovely PB&Js by My Paper Crane, below. (I’m dedicating this event to Emily G., who’s giant squid pillow still sticks in my memory of Style blog associations.)  Jack McBrearty will be performing at the [...]

Jan 8 10:24 AM

SnowFoxCreations  says:

This may be the best plushie tutorial ever. #_#

Finally, the perfect addition to my 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea room.

Feb 11 8:57 PM

Roxanne  says:

im lost on the head and legs being attached to the body.. HELP? ):

Mar 2 7:54 PM

Larz  says:

It’s name is squiddhartha… brilliant.

Mar 10 10:07 PM  says:

wow…she has a LOT of free time…but i MUST have one

Mar 14 3:45 PM

Sam  says:

My first sewing project. :) A lot of work, but so much fun!

Apr 11 8:05 PM

Princess of Tyre  says:

I’m going to make one! I can’t see the gallery, though; I just get a blank page.

Apr 12 10:40 AM

katievi  says:

I made mine out of some flannel i had laying around, so its a little different, but, I also got one eye made, and decided, I kind of liked the one eye look, so i moved it to the center, his name is Shirley.

Apr 14 7:21 PM

TBM… « Savalou Blogged  says:

[...] awesome squid pillow gamer quilt (like this tetris one) tetris necklace iris folding (looks so much fun!) spirella [...]

Apr 19 6:28 AM

Twilly  says: will flannel work too? how long does it take to make? i was planning to make one over the summer… btw WAT IS PIECE 5 FOR?????

Apr 19 3:20 PM

nehptune  says:

I just finished mine! My boyfriend gave me a snuggy for xmas a couple of years ago (why you ask?! joke gift)… anyway, it has been reincarnated as “Squiddita” the snuggly giant squid, and I’m about to give it to him as a birthday present :)

May 8 9:18 AM

Blame it on the Ovaries « Open Source Stitches  says:

[...] almost 21 years old, and I want one of these things! Who wouldn’t want an 8-foot-tall giant squid body pillow?! Thank you, Philadelphia [...]

May 29 10:45 PM

kate  says:

i’m making mine now! i’ll be sure to send you pictures when it’s done! :D

Jul 1 2:21 PM

Lindsay  says:

Just wondering, are the pattern pieces shown to scale? I’m an awful artist and was considering getting the pattern enlarged at FedEx Kinkos.

Jul 1 6:03 PM

Carrie  says:

My two friends and I have a squid joke, so I’m making three of these that are half the size. :)
Thanks for the pattern, this will be about 100 times easier!

Jul 9 3:43 PM

Britt  says:

Wow!!!! I absolutely love this! Its so squishy and huggable looking!!! I totally am gonna have to make one of these!! It will be perfect for my dorm XD

Jul 20 6:17 PM

Heather  says:

I just learned how to use a sewing machine… I’m going to give this giant squid a try! Its funny because I’m going to give my giant squid to my boyfriend as a present as well!!! ^^
I’ll send you pictures as soon as I finish it :)

Jul 25 1:49 PM

Pandora  says:

Hmm… I might make one in red over the summer holidays, if I have the time (and the money for materials). Thx for publishing this, I’ve been wanting to make another plushie (I’ve already made a silvery baby gryphon). I’ll post it when it’s done. That is… If it ever gets done! :)

Aug 4 5:25 PM

Pandora  says:

Me again! Mine is about 1/4 done. It’s a classic squid-red colour with big cute eyes:)

Aug 8 11:46 AM

KittyKat  says:

AWWWWW! I need to make one of those…. Or 2. They’re so cute!

Sep 17 7:11 AM

Mizu  says:

Awesome pattern! :D I made one of these about two months ago, and it was pretty fun. The finished product is here:

Sep 24 6:19 PM

Tim Bowers  says:

Love the pattern. I had to make one. I named him Steve. It turns out Steve is sort of a party animal. He is currently in Boston. but I am sure he will be having fun where ever he is.!/album.php?id=1565839978&aid=2072911

Sep 29 11:35 PM

AWESOME!  says:

This is amazing!! I’m getting some fleece for my birthday so I can make my own. His name is going to be Bo Squiddly. I wish the gallery worked though so I can see other people’s squids.

Oct 8 12:49 PM

Hannah  says:

His name is Frank :) an 18th birthday present for my friend Sam.

Nov 14 5:13 PM

Support Pillow  says:

Thanks for sharing the pattern this will really be helpful to me when I decided making one squid pillow for my own.

Dec 5 5:12 AM

Ashlee  says:

I’ll post pictures soon, but this was definitely a difficult project for my first sewing machine. To be honest though, it turned out amazing. So thank you very much for the pattern and I’ll post pictures as soon as I finish his cape

Dec 28 11:45 PM

Kelsey Rose  says:

This pattern is so great, thanks a bunch! I’ll send pictures soon :]

Jan 5 11:43 PM

Miranda  says:

You are fabulous. I am going to make one as soon as possible and sen YOU an email.

Jun 21 5:00 AM

Bamsiepants  says:

I made one for my friend the other night. This is my friend Mike with the now dubbed~~ Grandmaster Skwiddlz. lol. I’ve been asked by like 5+ people to make more. thanks for the pattern! ;]

Jul 13 2:17 PM

Jon Gepner  says:

F*ckin¡¦ awesome issues here. I am very happy to peer your post. Thanks so much and i’m looking ahead to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

Jul 28 7:17 AM

Alicat Marie  says:

LOVED it!!! i made my own, half the size, but adorable none the less! thanks for the pattern!

Jul 28 9:25 PM

Welcome August! | Paganites  says:

[...] squid fan in me wants to make an eight foot squid pillow that or have a tentacle couch. Maybe in our new [...]

Aug 1 8:05 AM

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Dec 6 2:24 PM

Amber  says:

Good post, I just forwarded the link to a cousin who was doing a little research on this. Thanks again.

Feb 9 1:51 AM

zoe  says:

i made one bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 15 9:56 AM

random-stitches  says:

Nearly… finished… but it’s after midnight… but it’s so close to completion… but my back hurts so much… It’ll be so worth it when it’s done. I will finish stuffing and stitching my giant purple squid shut tomorrow and will send pics shortly thereafter.

Sep 27 8:47 AM

Cassidy  says:

Gonna make them the third of that size and give them out as Christmas presents! So excited!

Nov 19 10:58 PM

Emily Rose  says:

This is my Christmas present. I can’t wait toward on it. Mine is bright blue and polka dotted inside!

Dec 7 5:49 PM

ana@carpe_diem  says:

I saw this post last summer and were amazed! I made one 9,5 feet long squid for my husband this Christmas. I tried to email you photo, but there is something wrong with your email I guess :(
contact me, if you like – mine is a little bit different.

Jan 16 11:07 AM

ligia  says:

made this for a guy i liked….. he is now my boyfriend hahah!!

May 2 7:07 PM blog. » Blog Archive » Peppermint Squiddington  says:

[...] for the little guys. My attempt wasn’t quite right. I came across this tutorial for a Giant Squid plush pillow and figured it would be perfect. I purchased the two pieces of fleece, but ran out of energy to sew [...]

May 23 12:23 PM

carelia  says:

I just made one but the email to send a photo isn’t working. I posted it on craftsy.

Jun 12 8:33 PM

Patti  says:

Hey! I’m in love with your creativity, like the giant squid! Have you ever thought of making a giant octopus? I would love it if you did! ;) I just painted my room like the ocean! So I thought that it would be nice to have a giant octopus! I found your giant squid and immediately fell in love! ;)

Jul 23 8:07 PM

N00b-of-plushies  says:

Awesome!!!!! I plan on making a smaller version and altering it a little so it can look like squid girl! (In squid form.) Then I’ll sew on little white pieces of felt as suction cups! Or maybe I can get actual suction cups and sew them on… Thanks soooooo much for the tuitorial!!!!! <3

Jul 25 10:13 AM

Nick  says:

Could you possibly do one of an octopus or maybe show how to change up the squid design to make an octopus?

Oct 10 4:16 PM

Puszart  says:

I did it:), so much work, but thank you for this! It’s smaller version:>

Oct 19 12:34 PM

pamelacreese  says:

made a 4 ft one for the one year old (who has been called Squid since the first ultrasound, LOL) Used a non-pill soft multi-hued green for the body and head, and a spotted washed denim for the underneath of the tentacles. So cute. And durable enough for the little guy to love for years to come!

Nov 16 6:14 PM

Lovable Monsters | Geek Crafts  says:

[...] cephalod-lovers out there! Less expensive than finding one in the deep blue sea, Emily over at the Philadelphia Weekly blog posted patterns for how to sew your own 8-foot giant squid [...]

Nov 25 8:09 PM

Kerstin  says:

I love it!

Nov 26 2:38 AM

jeannetteg  says:

I am almost done with mine but I am confused on how to attach the arms to the head… so frustrated lol. I will send pics as soon as he’s done. :)

Jan 4 8:31 PM

Nancy  says:

So I had to try this! Very cool! My Nephew Will is going to love this! Not too sure I will do this again! But I will say I am thrilled with the finished Squid! I did change a few of the instructions and if I do this again I will leave about a 7 inch opening on the 9 inch side of the head to pull everything through and sew piece #5 on with the machine. I filled the long legs and the body and head with bean bag beads. and used fiber fill for the fins and the 8 short legs. I attached my eyes with fusible webbing the kind for applique. I am grateful for the pattern and the instructions, fun project.

Jan 13 10:31 PM

Amasea  says:

Please please bone up on how to make a pattern. For instance, you ask us to buy a yard of patterned fabric for the suction cups, but one of the things we have to cut out of it is four feet long. Aside from doing it diagonally, which is rather a waste of fabric, how are we supposed to get two 48″ pieces from a piece of material that’s 45″ by 36″? I’m going to end up having to piece this thing together :(

Apr 4 11:39 PM


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