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this week in craigslist furniture

Craigslist furniture: for sale by owner is always an interesting place to look around. You can find some good stuff, but you almost always sort through a whoooooole lot of crap before you find that wonderful whatever it is you need. The crap generally makes up about 95% of the listings, and generally fall into either the category “hideous” or “overpriced” or somewhere in the Venn diagram overlap of the two.

We’ve filtered them into three streams: the good, the ugly and the hilariously overpriced. For you! We do this all for you! This week: Puppy pillows, your racist lighting options and a $13,200 desk.

The good:


Ooh, this vanity is on the pricey side, but it’s one of the few antiques I think would actually be worth the sticker price. That shiz is gorgeous. White vintage vanity, $395, Delco.


Can’t beat $80 if you have a tiny kitchen and need something to eat and sit on, and it’s actually kind of pretty, too. Red vintage table & chair set 1940s, $80, Pottstown.


Doesn’t it kind of look like Holmes and Watson are investigating the brutal murder of a deer? “The 30 Did It” framed print, $8, Newtown Square, Delco. Could also be titled “I Think the Bullet Probably Did It.”


This one’s for the puppy lovers out there. Put your money where your mouth is. Needlepoint beagle and terrier pillows, $25, Furlong. Bonus question: Why does the terrier have one huge, misshapen die?

The ugly:


I guess I’ll just let the poster describe this one:


Vintage Original Moor Asian Oriental Male holding a chinese parasol or something. Genie lamps. Lamp works. Made of chalk ware. Unsigned, unmarked. Extremely collectible and goes very well with that classical oriental decor in the living room, bedroom, parlor, or even in a kitschy eclectic decor. From the 50’s or earlier”

If by “CHALKWARE,” “VINTAGE,” “Original,” “collectible,” classical oriental” and “kitschy eclectic” you mean “racist.” Goddamn! RACIST LAMP: $90, Bucks County.

The hilariously overpriced:


OK, do you remember how much trouble Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain got in a couple months ago for the $1.22 million redecoration he gave his office while his company was dying? OK, one of the things he got was a $18,000 “George IV Desk.” Now, this here ad is attempting to sell a USED DESK. ON CRAIGSLIST. FOR $13,200. No, seriously. John Thain’s desk was $18,000, and someone is trying to sell a used desk on craigslist with the line, “Asking $13,200, but any reasonable offer will be considered.”

There are no words. There will be no other entries into the hilariously overpriced category this week, there’s just not enough room. BEAUTIFUL LARGE DESK-PERFECT FOR ATTORNEY’S OFFICE, $13,200 or any reasonable offer, Flourtown/Germantown.

emily g | Feb 20 2009 1:17pm | roundups, craigslist, furniture | Comments 5

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TK  says:

I love your idea behind this website…how much time do YOU have on your hands? I wish I could find time to look up all the stuff I have I’d like to find good homes for. I’m too impatient – but did want to comment on your comment about the Blackamoor lamp. Racist in this case is in the eye of the beholder – what is racist about a beautiful lamp with wonderfully carved black men/ or women as the subject? If it was white, would it still be a racist item? I’m not criticizing just trying to educate a little. Some Blackamoore pieces are highly collectible and are sometimes made of plaster (as this one is) or wood and often come in pairs such as lamps. This one does not look like it has original paint – I’ve never seen one with fluorescent green pants before. I have a pair I’m fond of because I remember them being in my grandparents living room since I was born. I have another really beautiful piece with original shade – missing its male counterpart. I particularly like her because she is kneeling and is holding the lamp shade off center so it sort of looks like a parasol. The one in your feature is a fisherman I believe. Check out the history on these I think you will find it pretty interesting. I take it you wouldn’t buy a Rolex even if you could afford one? Neither would I.

May 17 12:36 PM

Work Tinnon  says:

looking for furniture

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do you have furniture

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Beverly Smith  says:

Please e-mail me the price for the genie lamp

Aug 18 10:53 PM

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