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Target Is Holding My $800 Hostage

I just wanted new tank tops.

I woke up on Sunday with an insatiable urge to go shopping. I blame the warm weather, which made me realize that my tanks and Ts from last summer weren’t quite the right size anymore. I needed new ones, STAT.

My boyfriend and I reserved a PhillyCarShare and headed south to the Delaware Avenue Target. We don’t shop together often and I was so excited about my potential purchases that I skipped—literally skipped—from our borrowed blue Impreza to the store’s entrance. Once inside, we each scurried to our favorite sections—clothes and accessories for me, kitchen gadgets for him.  When we reconvened an hour later, we grabbed household items like a ginormous bag of dry cat food and one of those ridiculous 12-packs of paper towels.

As we pushed our loaded cart toward the cashier we took bets on how much our bill would be, agreeing that we’d need to split the cost equally. “Ready to stimulate the economy?” I joked. Our checker was a seemingly nice woman wearing the standard red T-shirt. If I’d have known how the afternoon would progress, I’d have bothered to read her name tag.

The total came to $383.90. When I asked her to split the cost down the middle so could each charge half she snottily said, “I don’t know what half is.” I was annoyed by her flip reaction, but pulled out my cell phone to calculate the cost. We’d each pay $191.95, I told her.

I slipped my Visa debit card into the automated machine and pressed the requisite buttons. When the total came up, it read “$383.90.” The cashier instructed me to sign my name and click “Pay another way,” which I did. My receipt printed and the cashier said, “You paid for it all. He can just get you back.” I bristled. I’m quick to anger when I feel I’ve been slighted and curtly said, “Well, you’re going to have to fix it.”

She asked me if I was okay, a move I perceived as condescention. I told her I was fine, but that she has no idea what my financial situation was like. “How do you know I have $400 in my account right now? How do you know you didn’t just overdraw? What if my rent is due?” I asked. My boyfriend stood by, mortified.

The cashier called over another woman dressed in red Target garb, presumably a manager or team leader. “This girl is freaking out,” she said as way of explanation and then walked away. After listening to my explanation, the team leader voided the original transaction and processed a new one. She rang me up again. I slipped my card in the machine, signed my name and then watched as the receipt printed out. She’d charged me $383.90. Again.

I was dumbstruck, stunned by the incompetence of not one, but two employees. She voided the second transaction and then stared stupidly at the computer screen for several minutes. I was steaming, so angry that I wasn’t even capable of forming words. I’ve worked in retail—I was even a store manager for a few months in college. I know that splitting a transaction between two credit cards is not that friggin’ hard.

“We’ll have to re-ring everything,” the team leader finally said. I couldn’t believe she wanted me to unpack $400 worth of merchandise so she could process it for a third time. I asked her if she couldn’t just punch in the codes on the previous receipts. She didn’t understand that I meant this as a quicker solution and spent the  next five minutes explaining her inefficieny to me.

My boyfriend, aware that I’ll argue for hours, started ripping open the plastic white Target bags and dumping our purchases back on the conveyor belt. Sensing his frustration, I followed suit and within a few moments, everything was re-rung and bagged again. Because I no longer trusted Target employees, my boyfriend put the entire purchase on his card. Knowing how upset we were, the cashier gave us a discount, though I still don’t know quite what she did. Our final purchase came to $329.18, enough to cover the cost of the deep fryer my boyfriend had convinced me we needed.

“So, my card won’t be charged?” I made sure to clarify before we left. I was assured my money was safe, though the cashier gave me two Void slips “just in case.” I was perturbed but as we left the store my boyfriend joked about how my freak-out had gotten us a free deep fryer. I felt a twinge of pride for standing up for myself and my right to  quality customer service.

Fast forward 24 hours. It’s Monday afternoon and I’m at Liberty One, buying a sandwich from Bain’s Deli. (Turkey on rye, for the detail hungry.) My credit card is declined. Instantaneously, I know that the problem is linked to Target. I dig some cash out of my purse, pay for my food and hustle back to my desk. I check my bank account online: $383.90 has been taken out of my account. Twice.

I call  my bank and a nice woman instructs me to call Target. After going through the automated system, I’m connected to a customer service rep who rudely tells me, “You gotta come down to the store so I can see your bank statement. You could be lying.” Furious, I slammed down the phone.

I try to book a PhillyCarShare so I can get to the store after work,  but since my card has been frozen, I can’t charge the reservation. I don’t have any cash, so I can’t take a cab. I frantically text my boyfriend, hoping he’ll have a solution, but his job doesn’t allow cell phone access. I realize that the receipts are at home, so a co-worker lends me the cash to take a cab to retrieve them. While I’m on the way back to the office, my boyfriend calls and convinces me to trying calling the store again. “Unless they’re going to reimburse you for the cab rides, you shouldn’t go down there,” he says. He’s right, I know.

I call Target again and this time get a more sympathetic representative. She transfers me to another employee, who puts me on hold for a full 10 minutes while she helps other customers. I’m irked, but wait patiently and try to remain calm when re-telling my story.

“It takes 72 hours for a void to go through,” she said when I finish explaining my ordeal.

“Are you fucking kidding me? A clerk’s mistake is costing me $800!” I yelled, so outraged that I didn’t even care that I was making a scene in my workplace.

To this woman’s credit, she listened to my rant and tried to empathize, telling me that Target didn’t actually have the money, that it was in limbo. She apologized that the clerks on Sunday didn’t explain this to me. I wasn’t having any of it, though, and rudely spit out “Thanks for your help,” before hanging up the phone.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping hard that “72 hours” is a padded estimation and that I’ll actually have my money back sooner. I’m lucky that my rent isn’t due, that I didn’t write any checks recently. I’m fortunate enough that my boyfriend will lend me the cash to get through till my bank account in unfrozen. But what if I wasn’t so lucky? Eight hundred dollars is a significant amount of money, especially now that the U.S. economy has gone from kinda shitty to unbelievably fucking terrible. Eight hundred dollars is almost two full months of rent for my apartment, it’s practically an entire paycheck, it’s more money than I’d ever spend at Target.

I suspect Wednesday will not be the end of this story and that my bank will charge me overdraft fees. There will probably be more angry phone calls in the coming days.

All this, because I wanted new tank tops.

erica | Mar 9 2009 6:49pm | Uncategorized, fuck you target | Comments 68

ridic  says:

no all this because you had to split a check like a yuppie. what happened to just trying to ring it up in two seperate orders and get each other back for 50 dollars rather than 800?

Mar 9 8:12 PM

napbuddy  says:

I had to go to Target across the street and buy something because I noticed the “Pay Another Way” button when signing, but never used it. It was so easy, I don’t know how you screwed it up. I didn’t ask the cashier a thing–just split my Snickers bar and Diet coke between my debit and credit card. You deserve to be out that money for a few days as a stupid fee. I have lost all respect for your blog if you are really that incompetant.

Mar 9 8:43 PM

Shopper  says:

Why make things so complicated for the clerk? Just pay for the order yourself in full, and have your friend pay you directly his half. Your asking for trouble when you get cute like this with paying the bill. Hate to say it but you really should be blaming yourself.

Mar 9 8:48 PM

EG  says:

It’s her fault that Target is tying up twice the sale amount for 3 days? That’s completely unacceptable, regardless of what she asked for.

Mar 9 8:51 PM

Business & Finance Blogs » Blog Archive » Target Employee Incompetence Freezes Nearly $800 Of Customer’s Money [Target]  says:

[...] an infrequent but not impossible task. When you ask a Target cashier to do that, get ready to have your debit card debited twice for the full amount of the bill, and then told two days later that the voided transactions will take 72 hours to [...]

Mar 9 8:52 PM

Anonymous  says:

$191.95*2=$383.90, that’s 5 cents less than your total.

Mar 9 8:56 PM

Erica  says:

re: Anonymous

You’re right. I went back to check the original receipt—which I didn’t have while writing this post—and the original total was 383.90. It’s been edited in the post. Thanks.

Mar 9 9:02 PM

James  says:

EG: While it may be valid that the whole issue that caused the extra money to be held was partly due to error on Target’s part, they have no control over how long the money is held for. If you have a hold placed on a debit/credit card, it generally falls off in 2-4 days. Sometimes more, sometimes less. The merchant can call your bank and authorize a forced drop (they never do this btw), but it’s simply an automated thing by the banks.

Mar 9 9:12 PM

Emily G  says:

Your use of the term “yuppie” seems a bit different from my perception of it. To my understanding, a yuppie wouldn’t have to split a $400 purchase, as yuppies are defined by having high disposable income. Also, as Le Creuset doesn’t yet make a model of deep-fryer, it is unlikely that a true yuppie would purchase one.

Speaking of yuppie, the coining of the word is generally ascribed to Dan Rottenberg in a 1980 issue of Chicago Magazine, as shown here:

Dan Rottenberg moved to Philadelphia and then founded the Welcomat in 1981, which was renamed the Philadelphia Weekly in 1996.


Mar 9 9:19 PM

Target Employee Incompetence Freezes Nearly $800 Of Customer’s Money [Target] | Unit1  says:

[...] an infrequent but not impossible task. When you ask a Target cashier to do that, get ready to have your debit card debited twice for the full amount of the bill, and then told two days later that the voided transactions will take 72 hours to [...]

Mar 9 9:19 PM

Why is everyone stupid??  says:

I was seething reading this. I can’t stand dealing with incompetence.

Mar 9 9:20 PM

why god hates me » Target Employee Incompetence Freezes Nearly $800 Of Customer’s Money [Target]  says:

[...] an infrequent but not impossible task. When you ask a Target cashier to do that, get ready to have your debit card debited twice for the full amount of the bill, and then told two days later that the voided transactions will take 72 hours to [...]

Mar 9 9:35 PM

Who's the idiot  says:

Glad to know that you are so much better than the girl working to feed her family while you spend $300 + you don’t have on paper towels you don’t need and then fume over something you have no control over. Did ya learn anything

Mar 9 9:39 PM

YouAreADoofus  says:

HaHahaha. What a doofus! You screwed up TWICE, and now placing the blame on Target employees.

Mar 9 9:45 PM

cuz  says:

why are people sticking up for the jerk at target who speaks as if the customer isn’t even there?!? “this girl’s freaking out.” that’s pretty friggin rude, but i guess the cashier doesn’t really think 383 bucks is too much money. and that probably means she doesn’t have a family to feed. and seriously, yuppies don’t to shop at target. they go to starbucks and shop on main st. in manayunk.

Mar 9 9:58 PM

John  says:

When my girlfriend and I make this very same trip, we ring up our own stuff separately and it’s generally easier. That said, there *is* a pay with multiple cards button that the chick working there should’ve known about. Even if Erica *had* to pay the full balance, I think the EXTRA $500+ would make pretty much anybody shit themselves, especially during a major recession.

Target obviously royally fucked this one up.

Mar 9 10:05 PM

BlametheVictim  says:

Oh yes, it’s all her fault.

Also, the girl was asking for rape, she wore a short dress.
The homeowner should’ve had a better lock on their door, they deserved to get their TV stolen.


I do disagree with the title of the post. It’s not Target that’s holding the money hostage, it’s the bank.

Mar 9 10:06 PM

aly  says:

Oh my god. Not that mine is even CLOSE to that bad, but just a few weeks ago I was charged TWICE for a $50 cab ride. I had to go through about 300 people at the cab company til i got some snippy lady who told me I needed to get the bank on the line. I did. When the bank told her they did in fact charge me twice she said, to the BANK, “I don’t … Read Morebelieve you.” It took me three days and nearly 10 phone calls to managers to get MY money back. I hate dealing with this kind of stuff, I feel for you, sister.

Mar 9 10:15 PM

Dave  says:

Why blame it on Target? They’ve had “Pay another way too” for a few months now. YOU screwed up twice. Not Target. And maybe if you were a bit more courteous to the customer service people they’d be more than happy to help you. I’ve received great service from them.
YOU screwed up.

Mar 9 10:33 PM

Joe  says:

yeah no offense, but you really should have decided to split your purchases BEFORE you rang them all through. You separated while shopping, how hard could it have been to do the same during checkout?

On the other hand, I never expect anyone who works cashier at any retail store to be competent enough to know their job. It makes my life must easier with low expectations.

Mar 9 10:35 PM

Elizabeth  says:

For future reference: after 6 years as a wage slave, I can say with authority: NEVER EVER LET THEM VOID A TRANSACTION! EVER!

Some places can take a week to ten days to process a void. If this ever happens to you again MAKE THEM ISSUE A REFUND.

Refunds are instant credits back to your account.

Just FYI and future reference.

Mar 9 10:41 PM

Penny Dreadful  says:

To anybody who’s blaming Erica, saying that it’s _her_ fault for splitting the bill, get _real_. It’s not only the kind of thing anybody with a fifth-grade education could do, it’s also, guess what, PART OF THE DAMN JOB. Having worked for two retail chains, I actually know this as a _fact_ — not to mention, OMGWTFBBQ!!!, I actually know how to split transactions between two types of tender (e.g., cheque/cash or cash/credit). You know why? Because it’s one of the things they _teach_ you the first day you’re thrown on the register. Because it’s one of the things they _put_ in the handbook. Because it’s one of the things I got _paid_ to do.

Anybody who’s going to blame the customer is part of the reason customer service in this country — when it exists at _all_, that is — is abysmal. Let these brain-dead register monkeys crap all over _you_, if you must, — which they _will_, since you’re just _asking_ for it — but stay out of the way of the _rest_ of us with the self-respect and the nerve to fight for what’s rightfully _ours_: The right _not_ to be charged a total of THREE TIMES WHAT WE OWE. This cashier deserves to be filling out an application for unemployment right now for being this stupid. (AND lazy: “I don’t know what half is”?!? Has this woman _never_ heard of that fantastic new invention, the _calculator_, assuming that she’s too incompetent to do even the most _basic_ of division in her head?)

And the commenter who called her a “yuppie” — boy, you really are dumb as _Hell_. Maybe even dumb enough to work for Target! But that’s the beauty of the Internet, though, isn’t it? Every idiot who has no idea what they’re talking about gets to chip in their worthless two cents.

(Sorry, I’m one of the readers who came here through the trackback at _The Consumerist_. We’re a … erm … _testy_ bunch.)

To Erica, for whatever it might be worth (not much), my best wishes in getting this straightened out to your satisfaction. There’s simply no excuse for this level of incompetence and laziness. Don’t forget to lodge a complaint with the manager of your location; I always personally do this in writing (which includes sending the letter certified, Return Reciept Requested — it costs a little bit extra, but it’s worth having proof that they _got_ it), so that I have a record of having done so. To cover all my bases, I also send a copy to their corporate offices (addresses & names are here:; even though the executives in charge won’t be seeing the letter, at least you get your words in the door. And don’t forget to include the ID numbers at the bottoms of the reciepts: Even though you don’t know the name of the offending employee, _they_ will.

And, just consider: It could be worse. It could be Wal*Mart. And then, you _know_ you’d never see a dime of it.

Mar 9 11:01 PM

John  says:

@Penny Dreadful


Mar 10 2:08 AM

Amber  says:

When I worked at Target I would’ve happily helped you right up until the moment you got huffy with me. Customer service goes both ways – and the second a customer does something uncalled for, such as berating a cashier or cursing (especially saying fuck), all customer service contracts break. If you want good customer service, stay calm and don’t be rude to the people helping you.
It wasn’t the cashier’s fault anyways. You should’ve realized the card reader said the full total and cancelled the transaction before it went through.
It is a rare occasion that I defend Target and its employees, but in this case I will because you obviously need to learn to control your temper.
And check out Don’t be surprised if your story shows up on there.

Mar 10 2:39 AM

Robyn  says:

I have to agree with Amber on this one. Your tone just from reading this is off-putting, so I can’t imagine how godawful you must have been in person. Not saying you should have been treated poorly or ripped off or anything, but people who can remain calm probably get better service. Also, way to make a slippery slope argument, BlametheVictim, because we should definitely bring rape up pointlessly as much as possible.

Mar 10 6:11 AM

K  says:

Elizabeth: this is not true of all stores, the one I worked at for 2+ years, voids will work immediatly, since we didn’t send credit card transactions until the end of the day, so the original was taken out of the system. Refunds had to be done through the credit card processor, so they took longer.

Mar 10 7:29 AM

speedwell  says:

Oy, the moron commenters on this thread.

The customer is not expected to know how the cash register works. That’s the job of the cashier. The customer asked to split the bill, and the cashier said yes. So the full total appeared on the screen? So what? The customer doesn’t know how the register works; the cashier might be applying only half of it to her card (for all she knows). My vote is that the snotty cashier was just trying to make trouble.

I haven’t shopped at Target for years because of their lazy, snotty, slow, incompetent, lying cashiers.

Mar 10 8:45 AM

scooterman  says:

I’m with Erica

Mar 10 10:00 AM

Colin L  says:

wow… people on here are total dicks.

a couple things, count me as someone who has extensive experience working in retail. I worked 6 years at a Staples, and still on occasion help run a store in Center City that my buddy owns.

Splitting a transaction is a common request, and an easy one at that. It is the sort of thing a cashier is expected to do, and is a large reason why cashiers are still preferred to be humans over robots.

Second, the cashier should have known to issue a refund in this instance. Whenever dealing with large amounts of money on a personal debit card we were always told to do a refund as to expedite the correction of the situation.

Mar 10 10:06 AM

monica  says:

Oh Erica!
Reading this makes me want to scream.
And for all you people saying this was a difficult request, think again.
As a hungover 16-year-old at CVS on Sunday sale morning, I could split your bill up as many ways as you needed. Not rocket science, not even 5th grade math.

Mar 10 11:12 AM

Emily G  says:

Erica, you ignorant slut!

I think most of the people that have said “I worked retail!” have come out on the side of “and that cashier was an idiot” rather than “and the majority of retail workers can barely read, let alone operate a cash register, so it’s your fault for asking/trusting the cashier to do something out of the ordinary.”

People get that second opinion, I think, through never having worked retail and viewing retail workers as some sort of lower species that can’t be trusted to do anything but the most simple tasks. Being nasty to Erica for making things sooooooooooo complicated is kind of condescending to the cashier. It’s not hard.

Mar 10 12:22 PM

tara  says:

to blamethevictim,

being overcharged at target–though it totally sucks erica!–isn’t quite like being held down by a stranger as he shoves his dick into your body. chill out with the rape as metaphor for inconvenience, yeah?

Mar 10 12:44 PM

John  says:

I once wore a short dress, and I was raped inside a Target because of it.

Mar 10 1:08 PM

Jamie  says:

My sympathies Erica, both for having to endure the stupidity of the Target cashiers and the ignorance of the commenters above. I worked retail for several years and splitting a bill is not difficult at all. I had customers ask to do that all the time. There is no reason why these cashiers should have messed up this transction. Even if there was a problem with what the customer is doing, it’s the cashier’s job to instruct and educate the customer on how to enter information into the pinpad. I agree with Penny above. You should file a written complaint with Target HQ and enclose a copy of this post. I’m sure you’d get some response after they learn their idiot cashiers have been imortalized on the internet. Good luck.

Mar 10 1:14 PM

sarah  says:

Are you people serious? You are actually taking the clerk’s RUDE side? Yes, she’s working to pay for her children’s college fund..but does she have to be FLIPPANT about being a target worker? Last I check..retail SHOULD be about the customer, not the attitude-filled clerks.

Ridiculous. I hope you get your money back hon…NO one should every be treated like this.. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS DEAD !

Mar 10 1:27 PM

tara  says:

You win John. What a wildly clever point. Here you were asked to stop and think for a moment about how the words you’ve chosen are potentially offensive to other people–and hey, maybe you didn’t realize–but no way man, says John, fuck that shit! I CAN and WILL continue to be randomly offensive, man! Free country!

God I feel stupid now John because you sir, are right. It’s your world, we’re just trying to be civil in it. Rock on.

Mar 10 1:30 PM

JDobs  says:

Overall it is completely infrequent that any cashier in Philadelphia is actually courteous or polite. It isn’t just Target. No one hesitates to lumber about like you are interrupting their afternoon at home and sigh like an asshole when you ask them to fix something. There have been instances where I’ve been the only person to speak during the entire transaction. I sometimes think people are trying as hard as they can to be rude. As if I should be impressed by their lack of care.

Mar 10 1:54 PM

Rob  says:

Well, welcome to the world of Debit / Credit cards. You make an “authorization” against one, and even if the charge does not go through, it will still tie up your money for 2-4 days. At which point, then you will get it back.

This isn’t a new thing, it isn’t a Target thing. It’s something that you get to figure out all by yourself (and later, you will find yourself mortified whenever anyone asks for your credit card other than for a full purchase price).

Hotels, pre-authorizing the card. Car rental places. Oh, they used to stick it to you .. They’d pre-authorize up to the deductible on a credit card, in case you tried to screw them over..

You are complaining also that you accepted the sale not ONCE but TWICE … The number on the screen is what you’re being charged. When you sign your name and hit DONE .. It’s done. Complete. Over. Make sure it says the right thing.

Mar 10 2:14 PM

BoBo  says:

Hello, Erica-Target has had a message that asks “do you want it all on the card…” for a while now. Perhaps reading the small screen would have been smart if you were that worried about how much money was coming out of your account.

Debit machines temporarily hold funds from your account until the message to actually debit goes through from the store. Your money will return. And someone, Target or your bank will conver any fees, if there are any, becuase voided trasactions “fall off” of your account.

Yes, the cashier may have been incompetent, no argument there, but getting nasty at the counter does you no favors.

Mar 10 2:15 PM

Stitches77  says:


This problem can be easily resolved! On the back of your Visa debit card, is a 800 #. Call Visa and they will do a charge back in about 5 minutes. They may require you to go to your bank and fill out a affidavit form but they will immediately back charge the $. very simple and easy solution.

Mar 10 3:14 PM

Caitlin  says:

The Target by my house hired my stepbrother. He can barely read. You’re right. I’m sure this was all ERICA’S fault, not the intelligent people Target hires.

Mar 10 3:58 PM

tj  says:

Ok, so the cashier didn’t do her job, but you didn’t do the easiest thing in the world and just pay your bf back after the fact via the debit card that you used. You probably could’ve gotten a “special favors” discount that way also if you were up to it.
But yeah, that sucks. You should probably complain to corporate or something, which will force them to retrain the staff.

Mar 10 4:20 PM

vgpaul  says:

Bravo Amber,

I do have to dis Target for its poor customer service, the cashiers should have been more knowledgable and courteous, but none the less as Amber said earlier…

“It wasn’t the cashier’s fault anyways. You should’ve realized the card reader said the full total and cancelled the transaction before it went through.”

Mar 10 4:37 PM

John  says:

Anybody above (such as “Dave” and others) who is using their previous Target shopping experiences as a frame of reference (”I’ve received great service”) have CLEARLY never been to the South Philly Target. Just sayin’.

Mar 10 5:36 PM

Lo  says:

I think the first comment on this post, made by “ridic” should be studied by future generations. The absolute idiocy, nonsensical judgment, and total misunderstanding of the word “yuppie” make it an amazing example of just how stupid people have become.

Also, anyone on here who is pro-incompetent employees: Yikes. I know some people have low standards and expectations of people, but geez. I’m glad I don’t live in your world, where the customer is always wrong and the idiot running the cash register is always right.

Erica did what the employees TOLD HER TO DO, it’s not her fault that they didn’t know what they were talking about and told her to do the wrong thing. She doesn’t know how to do their job. THEY should know. This seems pretty clear cut. End of story.

Mar 10 5:52 PM

Lo  says:

Oh, and to the person who said “customer service goes both ways”: lolz. Um. The very phrase CUSTOMER SERVICE kind of implies that it, you know, doesn’t. The stores I’ve worked in would have absolutely fired me for saying about a customer “this girl is freaking out,” while she was in earshot. Erica did not freak out or curse while all of this nonsense was going on–that happened LATER, when she was on the phone and they told her she’d have to deal without $800 for 3 days. Reading comprehension. Use it.

Mar 10 5:59 PM

Becca  says:

Look at all these comments. We should start a consumer alert blog. I saw a huge, black rat scurrying across the oyster bar at Reading Terminal last week– just sayin.

And to Erica: When it comes to sticking up for yourself, I say always err on the side of overdoing it. Especially as a female. There’s time for apologies later.

THREE kudos.

Mar 10 7:41 PM

s  says:


I feel for you and agree with the other people who have mentioned the terrible and disturbing service in most places in Philly esp. that Target and Wal Mart down on Columbus blvd I am completely in agreement; however, keeping your cool at stores like this is the only way you will ever get things done.It’s not Bloomingdale’s – it’s TARGET you get you paid for.

I’ve worked in a bunch of retail stores and many, many restaurants and it’s the same thing as asking someone to split the check BEFORE you order, it makes the person serving you realize you are considering that they are working hard to. Asking a server to split the check at the end simply pisses most workers off and I know I would always make up some excuse saying why I couldn’t do it. My fiancee & I always split the bill at stores but we tell the clerk beforehand to just make the transaction faster.

you should have never run your card through twice – next time when you’re that pissed take a step back and take a look at what you’re actually doing before you make a rash decision that will be a bigger headache later.

ps the tone is bit harsh, if you really wanted people to come to your side – which it really seems like they aren’t – you should have been played up more your side rather than making it seemed like you started screaming “fuck” from the moment you walked up.

Mar 10 10:11 PM

Mike  says:

Seriously, for cereal, 100% truthishly-NEVER trust a cashier to get it right. If the amount you see is not the amount you want to be charged it simply isn’t right.

Easiest way I’ve found to split up a transaction in a way I KNOW will work if I’m using two or more cards is to buy a gift card in one transaction for whatever amount I need, use that as the first tender and pay the rest with another card. Don’t leave it up to some a-hole Target is only keeping there because of the WOTC they get, do it yourself.

Mar 11 11:18 AM

samba  says:

who the eff spends more than $300 at Target anywayz!

Mar 11 12:12 PM

WTF  says:

@ s: “rash decision”? Really? Didn’t she just do exactly what the Target employees told her to do? It’s not like she jumped across the counter and started swiping her card like a maniac.

And it’s kind of weird that you think telling a waiter before the meal that you plan to split the check is some bizarre sign of respect–there is absolutely no reason to do that. It doesn’t change anything or help anyone. No waiter is going to think you’re being a jerk for asking to split the check after it comes. They’re used to it. You seem to live in some sort of alternate reality. Sounds fun, maybe I’ll visit someday.

Mar 11 1:19 PM

Target Employee Incompetence Freezes Nearly $800 Of Customer’s Money [Target] | Finance Money Financial News  says:

[...] an infrequent but not impossible task. When you ask a Target cashier to do that, get ready to have your debit card debited twice for the full amount of the bill, and then told two days later that the voided transactions will take 72 hours to [...]

Mar 11 1:50 PM

the law of averages  says:

It seems to me that the author forgot the most important factor in dealing with society – half of the population is of below-average intelligence. This is, in fact, the way “average” is determined.

As a pure coincidence relating to that concept, it has been my experience that the bulk of the people in this bottom half seem to be currently employed at the Target on Columbus Boulevard and the McDonalds at 40th and Walnut; the two places in this city where I have *consistently* experienced bad customer service…

Mar 13 9:58 PM

The Electronic Cigarette  says:

First the customer has every right to ask the cashier to accept two forms of payment. The cashier should be trained to handle such a transaction and assist the customer if necessary. Secondly, once the problem was discovered the first time, the cashier should NOT have been defensive and condescending. I would have walked out right then. What’s happen to customer service these days? Don’t these people appreciate that they have a JOB because of the customer?

Mar 20 1:06 AM

Eva  says:

There are a number of folks in the comment section who might want to become more familiar with credit card charge backs. When people royally fuck up what they charge you and you are using a credit card (instead of a debit card) this sort of situation (where you are actually in the right and _not_ trying to commit some sort of fraud) is like having a slice of pie on a summer day. You instigate a charge back and they can suck it.

Also, just because your bank tells you to call a vendor, doesn’t mean you can’t tell them to fix the problem themselves. (I’ve only done this with small vendors and when the bank told me to contact someone where a charge was made by someone who stole my number… why on earth would I argue with them? I didn’t even give them the card in the first place!)

Mar 23 11:03 AM

Viki  says:

Just start shopping at Walmart. My husband and I use multiple forms of payment in there all the time, and they have never messed it up yet. I have gone in to Walmart with $50 of coupons, so once everything is rung up, they run thru the 50 some odd coupons which adjusts the amount due. Then I give them a Walmart gift card, which adjusts the balance due, then I give them cash which leaves just a few dollars so we pay the final bill with a credit card. It’s a hell of a lot easier for me, and that what these big super stores are all about making it EASIER on the customer. They should smile and be happy to do whatever it takes to get your bill paid in full, and cause the customer as little if inconvience. Often the checker is the only personal contact you have with a store, and if experience is good you’ll come back, but it’s a bad not only will you find some where to spend your money, but you’ll tell atleast 10 people about your bad experience. In this new Internet word, it could end up being 10 Million or more.

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with using multiply forms of payment.

Apr 22 2:42 PM

Kristina  says:

I am a team leader at the front check out lanes so take my opinion to heart. First of all the cashier should have manually processed the transaction herself. You can do this by simply taking the guests debit card and entering how much they want on the card instead of telling the guest to do it themselves. Target prides itself on great guest service and the cashier was wrong to have handled it the way it was handled. Second if that was the manager she should have told you it can take 48-72 hours for the transaction to drop off but there would be a pending transaction on your checkign account. Honestly it was handled THE WRONG WAY by the team members. Im sorry on behalf of Target. I know it’s tuff when you get bad service. Just know we’re not all like that :) .

Jul 27 2:44 PM

Dexter  says:

wow, any of you who just insulted this woman for ‘being too stupid and making the cashier do too much work’ should fucking die. And I hope you get gutted like fucking fish. IDIOTS.

Sep 9 12:53 AM

Kevin  says:

LOL !! As a target employee i found this very interesting — first of all you are right you should be fumed — as not only the cashier couldnt fix it neither could the Team lead — I work in the backroom and often cashier to pick up hours — even I know how this could have been avoided !!! As soon as you said you wanted it split the cashier should have helped you by entering the payment transaction herself via the register and entering the payment amount and payment type BEFORE swiping the card — then before the transaction is complete you must enter the second payment type ~~

Sep 10 11:56 PM

Shell  says:

Well,you are right about one thing. Target sucks for many reasons. overpriced, not enough employees. The ones they have are incompetent, but so do you. Sounds like you and your boyfriend have a lot of issues. How hard is it to simply put part of the merchandise in your basket and part of it in his? You got a free Deep Fryer. I’m sure you will get your money back. Enjoy your high blood pressure and or get over. Bragging about arguing for hours???!!! Give me a break. If an issue like this wrecks your life, what will you do when a real crises occurs. Maybe you should get some counseling or lifeskills training.

Feb 27 9:41 AM

Mazey  says:

I recently purchased something on Target. I used my VISA. Two days later I noticed on my online Banking that they charged me twice for the same item. So an extra 188.00 is now on hold with Target debited from my account. I called Target. They said their policy is to first “AUTHORIZE” the amount, and then “CHARGE” the amount. They said the “Authorized” charge will drop away after a few days. What? I asked when my funds would be available? She answered 2-5 Business Days. Suppose I had bills or a car payment or anything else I needed to pay to come from these funds? She apologized but said that is my bank’s policy not Target. Oh really? Well I purchased another item from Walmart on the same day, for twice the amount and guess what? They charged me once just like anyone else I order from online. That’s the last time I purchase anything from Target online. They are full of S#$^ and should be up front when you are buying something to let you know TWICE the amount will be charged to your VISA or bank acct. SHAME ON YOU TARGET.

Sep 27 12:15 PM

Matt  says:

I work at Target and this same thing happens daily. Anyone who sympathizes with the cashier is retarded. Plain and simple. People who work there are trained on how to do this EXACT thing. Targets rules, or “Best Practice” has clear instructions on how to do this, how to inform the guest (customer) on what happens, and how to avoid silly mistakes such as this one. No matter how hard you complain, the AP at the store thinks they are god, the ETL’s vary on the policy so much that its impossible to give you an exact statement on what will happen, and TM’s are so incompetent that the hassle far exceeds the effort.

Just shop at Kohl’s, JC Penny, or Macy’s. You’re wasting your time at Target.

Aug 27 12:02 AM

truck drivers  says:

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Dec 13 2:43 AM

Damon Motor Coach  says:

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Dec 17 4:32 PM

Anonymous  says:

I work for target and totally understand the anger here. But if the cashier would of typed in half of the amount due and hit the debit button, this would of never happened. It would of just charged u half and then prompted for the next card to b swiped. Obviously these two team members weren’t properly trained! Not to sound like I’m perfect, but I would never make such a large mistake. And if I wasn’t sure about something I would call my lod! And as for swiping the card twice, that was stupid! Why did they have you do that??

May 26 7:20 PM

Anonymous  says:

Oh and by the way, not all target employees are incompetent! If you feel the need to say that you may need to check yourself!!!! A$&@$&@$!!!!!

May 26 7:26 PM

Mars  says:

This is so NOT her fault. When a transaction is cancelled, then there should be NO charge. Obviously it is the fault of the cashier and the manager who don’t know how to cancel a transaction. I am so tired of most target employees and the company in general.

Jun 6 8:15 PM

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