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I noticed this post by the delightful Zoe Strauss, who just had her big I-95 photography show last weekend, and got instant deja vu. She put up this picture:

I subscribe to a few Philly-related flickr streams, mostly to give myself a little visual break when digging through the vast mound of digital stuff excreted into my google reader by Philadelphians every day. I had a hunch I had seen KATIE HOLMES pop up at least once before there, and indeed:

Katie Holmes Sucks Under I-95, by Vincent J. Brown

And another (but without the appended ‘SUX’)!

KATIE HOLMES at Grey's Ferry and Annin, taken by serlingrod

They look like they’re the same handwriting, especially in the K and the M… who in god’s name would choose KATIE HOLMES as their tag?

Anybody seen any other examples of KATIE HOLMES around town?

emily g | May 8 2009 11:48am | Uncategorized, art, graffiti, katie holmes, wtf? | Comments 2

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Scott  says:

You do realize that the first two pics are the same right? Your commentary would make it sound like you don’t – but . . .

Jun 13 3:12 PM

JP  says:

This is so awesome.

Jun 17 9:34 PM


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