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Prep and Pauper

Noticed what appear to be fashion parodies of uber-preppy Martha’s Vineyard clothing company Vineyard Vines over at Sugarcube. Prep and Pauper, a Philly-based line of very well-made silk ties, plays with the famous (well, famous on yachts and tennis courts, anyway) Vineyard Vines whale logo by substituting a cheerful little whale skeleton instead.

And of course for the less subtle (and we gotta say, as a lady who doesn’t hang out in Nantucket or in places where I see a whole lot of ties, I find the whale joke pretty subtle), there’s always the Corporate Take Down print, of skull and crossbones with P’s for eyes.

Prep and Pauper's "Corporate take down" print... I like how the eyes are little P's

I was a bit leery of the duck and sheep prints at first (entitled “Heads and Tales” and “Shear Madness”), as at first glance they appear close to abandoning parody. But my heart was won by the crazy awesome color palette Prep and Pauper employs AND the fact that upon closer inspection each of the cutesy animal prints has the occasional exhibitionist animal showing its ass to everyone in the boardroom.

Besides, isn’t being able to wear a lavender tie with a ducky pattern kind of the height of being secure in your masculinity?

Prep and Pauper ties available at Sugarcube, 124 North 3rd Street, $65.

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Caroline - Philly Tourism  says:

Aw, we love Nick and have promoted him a lot over the years. Too bad he moved to NYC :(

But I am so glad SugarCube still carries his ties. That is a stellar store.

May 12 2:56 PM


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