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Whitney Houston wants to dance with somebody.

Someone smack me: after 48 straight hours of humming this 80’s gem, I need some help. So what if I was three when this song was on the radio? I heard it on Saturday, and (–no thanks to my boyfriend!) it’s been lodged in my little brain like something cute and furry, hibernating, ever since. 

After attempting to sing this in the shower, I realized that… I, um, don’t know all the lyrics. So, like any tune-savvy girl scout, I found the video on youtube (because, sadly, I don’t own this musical masterpiece…) and then watched the video 5 times straight.

Watching this again and again has NOTHING to with memorizing lyrics at this point; it has EVERYTHING to do with being hypnotized by her totally insane hair and makeup in the video. I think I’m high from the waves of Aqua Net wofting around her crown of wavy polymer hairpieces as she’s shakin’ it in her shoulder pads. Have I mentioned I think her eyeshadow resembles every nerf gun and pool toy I owned in elementary school? Jesus, I need some sunglasses: this woman is entirely out of control in her rainbowbrite get-up and it’s not pretty.

Good lord, Whitney– I don’t care about the coke: it’s this that makes me want to shake you… and then hug you… because you totally rule.  

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Yeah, I’d dance with you.

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