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Martes. Tuesday. Mardi. Dienstag.

Taylor Jacobson

I really like most of the posts that The Frisky sent in it’s newsletter yesterday, except for this one. It’s about dorm room cooking, and being able to ultilize your coffee pot to cook chicken? Gross. At Least whoever wrote about this nastiness agrees with me.

The posts that I heart from The Frisky are as follows…How to dress like Brad Goreski from The Rachel Zoe Project. I just wish they did a post on Taylor Jacobson and how she dresses. I guess it’s pretty easy to figure out – skinny jeans, flannel shirts lots of hair bleach, black nail polish and ray bans, but I’d like a post anyway.

Another post from The Frisky spreads the word that Jessica Simpson is planning on releasing a line of bras that cater to large breasted women.  I’m all for cute bras in big sizes, but it’s just funny that Jessica ultimately designs for herself. Most of her shoes have major heels on them, because she’s a shawty.

Yet another post from The Frisky clues you in as far as postage stamps in France.  They smell like chocolate! Mmm. There’s also another post on Shower Curtains. One even includes Horror Movie Bloody hands. Charming.

Every season, J. Crew’s creative director Jenna always picks out her faves that J. Crew carries. I tend to agree with Jenna - she picks out nice things. First there are these cute  t-strap heels as well as this gorgeous ring.

Lastly, I have developed a recent love for Bloomingdales. I’ve always been smitten with the high end anchor store, but recently they’ve got me head over heels. Their customer service is excellent.  They called my mom the other day to make sure that she liked the makeup that she purchased. This is after she recieved a hand written thank you from a manager, and I returned shoes that were all kinds of messed up. I might not be able to pick up this season’s Chanel bag, but I’m definatey stopping by for my more practical needs.

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