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Phil-box hats

hatShow your allegiance with a hat that’s dapper.

The pillbox is an unconventional enough silhouette that it’s only available on New Era’s Japanese site, which of course leads to your standard crazy-ass incomprehensible Babelfish translation:

To 1985, it is the design which [pitsutsubagupairetsu] has worn with the tournament. Size is the same standard as the usual FITTED cap, but it turns out even at the same size by comparison with 59FIFTY from the form and/or with it becomes the fitting impression of doing.

It took like twenty minutes of thinking about something else entirely for my subconscious to equate “pitsutsubagupairetsu” with “Pittsburgh Pirates” and “kupazutaun” with “Cooperstown.” So with some googling (because despite my recent enthusiasm for the Phillies, I’m fundamentally sports-illiterate) I have determined that this pillbox-type shape is based on the style of the 1977-1986 Pittsburgh Pirates hats, which… I guess I had expected it to be more in the WW1 date range. When I imagine someone wearing a hat of that shape, they also have a waxed mustache and are sepia-toned. (If you’re interested in that sort of thing, btw, Bianca did a post on the evolution of the Phillies uniform a while back.)

The pillbox-esque hats (which are available for a few other teams, too) are ¥5,250, which is about… $57.50? Damn you, tanking exchange rates!

And one more Phillies-related thing today, from the dudes at chwuny, because god knows we have a thing for homemade-ass bootleg t-shirts and last night’s game was pretty awesome. This one’s for you, Chase Utley:


Yeah, that’s Giant Utley; in his spare time he enjoys throwing cars, telling people that he’s 15 feet… AROUND and complaining about this chick who’s kind of crazy but who’s the only one who really gets him, you know?

YouTube Preview Image

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