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Manic Monday

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It turns out that sneakers aren’t always the best footwear. Sometimes, heels are better. Not what we expected, that’s for sure.

We’re fans of this ring from Forever 21 that reads: trust in love, indivisible courage, and my spirit is my true armour. What a nice little reminder to have on your hand to glance at throughout the day.

This past weekend we trekked up to to NYC and checked out Topshop. They’re having a huge sale at that location, and the women were like vultures. It was an intense experience to say the least. Luckily, you can order some of their bargains online as well, and you won’t have to worry about some snatching what you picked off the sale rack. Phew.

After venturing into Topshop, we stumbled upon Sabon.  Sabon, which means soap in Hebrew, smelled delicious but not overpowering.  The store took us a couple steps back in time, with the dark woods, pedal operated sinks, and old school heaters. The website even looks something that would have been put together at the turn of the last century — if they had the technology.

Sabon’s products tapped into our bath time loving side, which means it’s a miracle that we walked out with any money in our pockets at all. From the cute little bamboo scoops to the glycerin soaps, we’re smitten and we’ll be back. The scrubs use ingredients from the Dead Sea, which seems to be where all the best beauty products come from. Other products from the Dead Sea include Ahava lotions, bath salts & shower gels.

Something we restrained ourselves from this weekend? Ugg ear muffs. Don’t they just sound like the warmest thing ever?

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