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Hide-and-Seek: Book Edition

Hollow Book

Continuing the sneaky book theme from last week, I decided to undertake a project with the goal of crafting a hollow book as a gift for a friend. Now I don’t have the crafting chops of our Emily G. and her 8-foot giant squid, but nonetheless I took up my X-acto knife, Elmers Glue, Scotch tape (wow, so many crafty things are more commonly referred to by brand names rather than generic names…) and my paintbrush and went to work.

I got the idea from this amazing online guide that explains step-by-step, with pictures and captions, how to take an old book and turn it into a hiding place for all your deepest, darkest secrets. Added bonus, Heather Rivers, the woman behind the guide, is hilarious and throws in some entertaining “steps” along the way.

Sadly, due to my lack of crafting discipline (I fell asleep last night while waiting for glue to dry, no joke!), my hollow book isn’t done yet, but I’m not giving up and tonight I will continue my quest for craftiness. I’ll be sure to post photos of the book when it is finished. Just prior to the falling asleep mid-crafting faux paux I did manage a picture though:

Drying book

Yep, that’s it, the tiny reddish-orange book squished between the radiator and a pile-o-heavy-stuff! As always, I apologize for the crappy iPhone picture, but until a digital camera magically appears on my doorstep this is as good as it gets kids!

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