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Hot Dog City


I’ve been meaning to do something on Philly-based printmakers Hot Dog City, as we’ve had the one above on our bedroom wall since two Punk Rock Flea Markets ago (and have clearly not dusted since two Punk Rock Flea Markets ago, yeesh). My boyfriend, who loves SCIENCE! was super pleased to find Hot Dog City’s booth of colorful, inexpensive (paper prints are $20, framed things are around $50) maps-and-graphs prints, but at the time their website was kind of a mess, so I figured I’d just wait and then forgot about it.

But they popped up on my etsy radar today, so I thought I’d share a couple informative prints I wouldn’t mind having on my classroom wall as a teacher (or, uh, my bedroom wall):


Though the demarcations are large and the neighborhoods listed on the bottom not denoted, it’s always good to know where the good beaches on the coast of West Philadelphia are and where there be monsters (hint: the great northeast).


Just in case you forget where the Kuiper Belt is. Unsure if having Pluto as a planet on a solar system chart is equivalent to having the USSR as a country on a globe.


And where our National Parks are! You can see the Appalachian Trail stretching from Georgia to Maine if you look close.

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[...] print-makers Hot Dog City make maps and tables pretty enough to frame. PW Style’s a fan, but the whimsical depiction of Philly as an island-unto-itself may make a cartographer [...]

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