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Manu necklaces


Very much liking the necklaces from Philly-based Lauren Manoogian’s Manu; many pieces are made out of a certain genus of everyday objects… scroll down and see if you figure out what they are.



That category would be… office supplies. See how the chain links in the above one are paper clips wrapped in vinyl tape? Although I’ve never worked in an office with that many excellent shades of tape, and she’s obviously moved from making stuff as a bored receptionist to making legit jewelry based on something that one might make as a bored receptionist, it still makes me feel terrifically unproductive. The many hours I spent not specifically doing my job as a bored receptionist mostly went to non-useful things like the internet, papercraft, polling all the customers a la Heathers about dubious grammatical points and creating Shark Repellent Bat Spray labels for the canned air.

Available at Vagabond, at 37 N. 3rd St. in Old City. Can I get that video, please?


emily g | Mar 23 2010 10:40am | jewelry, local biz, 19106, manu, vagabond | Comments 0

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