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Damn you Helen Mirren!

helen-mirren-and-lanvin-galleryIf I’m even half as hot as Helen Mirren when I’m 65, I will consider myself a very lucky gal.

That’s it. That’s all I wanted to say.

Nicole Finkbiner | Mar 30 2011 5:50pm | Uncategorized | Comment 1

Mitchell and Ness for Less Ends Today!

Just in time for the start of Phils season, Mitchell & Ness, purveyors of all that is sportswear will be offering 30 percent off everything in their store. The sale is part of their fan appreciation clearance and in celebration of the brand reaching 15,000 fans on Facebook. Enter code FB15k upon check out: this offer ends at midnight tonight, so get on it! Personally, we’ve got our eye on that vintage twill Phils baseball jacket.

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Shoes Glorious Shoes: Be&D

I’m a shoes fanatic. Ask anyone that knows me will tell you that I live for a great shoe! I would sell my first born for an outrageous platform or a quirky stiletto. Right now my budget doesn’t allow me to splurge, but a girl can dream right! The shoes at Be&D are certainly dream-worthy, first-born worthy and anything else I can hawk in order to get my hands on these babies. Feast your eyes on a shoe parade!

Be&DWalesOllieCheshireFrankie Printed

fajr muhammad | Mar 29 2011 1:45pm | FASHION, shoes | Comments 0

Floral Accessories

The calendar says spring, the weather guy says something else. Look forward with some floral accessories. All cute, all under $35, and just what you need to get over this wintry slump. Pick one color from a floral-patterned accessory to accent and keep the rest of your look neutral.


Floral sunglasses,  Charlotte Russe, $5.50

Cute update on an ‘80s classic. And they’re cheap, too, so grab two pairs.

floral purse

River Island floral zip purse, ASOS, $30.48

Grandma’s wallpaper? Bad. Grandma’s wallpaper + pleated clutch + gold accents? Very good.


Ditsy floral tight, Urban Outfitters, $3.99

Wear ‘em with your favorite black dress and boots now, and pair them with a black skirt and neon top when it warms up.


Floral cluster post earrings, Urban Outfitters, $14

These antiqued cluster earrings are small, sparkly, and neutral enough to go with just about anything, day or night.


ASOS embossed floral skinny belt, ASOS, $10.76

If traditional floral isn’t your thing, try it out with this low-key leather belt. The embossed leather is just interesting enough to bump an outfit up a notch.

Nicole Finkbiner | Mar 25 2011 1:56pm | FASHION, SHOPPING, jewelry, trends | Comments 0

Street Snaps: The Unknown Gentleman

The thing that has always seemed to set Broad&Market apart from other street style bloggers is that I interview my subject at length. I know why people don’t do this — it takes forever to transcribe any interview over two minutes long, and if you’re trying to snap several people in a day, interviewing them becomes a task. Plus, I’m sure it’s easier for some people to take photos of people than talk to them. It’s a tough job (err, hobby)!

At any rate, here is a gentleman I ran into on the subway not too long ago. Once I was done photographing him, I gave him my card and told him to email me so I could ask him some questions (usually I do the interview on the spot, though). He got on the train. Several days later, he did email me, and I wrote him back. I never got a response.


Here is a man wearing a beret, carrying an oversized shoulder bag, with a scarf casually knotted around his neck. And he isn’t European! Or at least didn’t have sound like one. His bag reminds of so many oversized, ambiguous aspects of Japanese fashion. Not many women even carry around bags of that proportion. I can’t get over how awesome it is. We could speculate all day about his sartorial decisions, or we could’ve heard his own reasoning, if only I’d had the chance to interview him. If only he’d written me back.

Sophmore’s Lookbook Video

Chrissy Miller, the blond DJ-cum-designer-cum-twitter freak behind Sophmore just released a new lookbook video for her latest collection. Though, we can’t really get a feel for the clothes whatsoever in this video, except for the pretty-cool-but-seen-it-so-many-times suspender shirt on Jen Brill. The premise: Kanon Vodka provided the social lube so that Jen Brill, Chloe Sevigny, Cass Bird, Leslie Arfin and friends could play a rousing game of Truth or Dare. Some may find it utterly annoying, some may find it clever, either way, it’s worth seeing what the NY in-crowd are up to nowadays. See it here.

Homegrown Talent: Shavonne DeAnn

Philly is a wealth for independent designers, art school grads and young talent. One such local up and coming designer is Shavonne De Ann. A graduate of Moore College of Art and Design and NJ native, Shavonne is a young woman with a passion for body conscious design mixed with graphic prints and eye catching colors.

Shavonne made a name for herself during New York fashion week when she crashed Lincoln Center with a renegade showcase that caught the attention of June Ambrose and NY magazine.


Shavonne recently launched a successful Kickstarter where she raised over $3,500 toward the production of her Spring/Summer 2011 line. This past weekend she debuted the collection at art gallery Always By Design. In addition Shavonne launched her online store where you can purchase pieces from her collection.

Here are more pics from the Shavonne DeAnn Spring/Summer 2011 collection




Follow Shavonne DeAnn on Twitter, Fan Shavonne DeAnn on Facebook and subscribe to her YouTube

-Fajr Muhammad

fajr muhammad | Mar 22 2011 9:35am | FASHION, local biz, philly, indie designer | Comments 0

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