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Street Snaps: Hazey Weather

There’s nothing I love more than clothes with a sturdy character and an outfit full of fine detail. This week’s Street Snaps is exactly that. Hazey is one good-looking person who has their style down. I imagine Hazey has a well-selected warddrobe, and getting dressed in the morning is just a matter of selecting just which accessories to put on top. Dreamy.

“My name is Hazey. I am thirty and, well, I just came from Austin, Texas, but I grew up in Western PA. Pittsburg area.”

How do you feel in Philly and how people present themselves generally?

“Well I just moved in December, and so far it’s good. And tough, you know, moving in the winter. And I love winter fashion way more than summer fashion. For me, layering is a lot easier. And as far as how people present themselves, anywhere you go, I enjoy seeing how people — the different kinds of fashion, and how city fashion can be, you know, eclectic in different areas.”

Is there anything you’ve seen in Philly so far that you’re like, oh why is this thing so popular here?

“Yeah, it’s not any one thing that I’ve noticed. Not yet. But I haven’t explored too far out of the neighborhood, either. I’ve sort been hiding for the winter, too.”

What kinds of media do you like to consume, or just people even, that may influence how you dress?

“Media-wise or people-wise, is that what you said?”

Yeah, like ‘what are your inspirations?’, but it’s deeper than that, I suppose. Or more thoughtful than that.

“Right, right. Yeah, I dunno. There’s certainly [...] a few blogs that I like to look at. And I like to search for different vintage photographs on like Google Image Search, you know. I mean, that’s more of an aesthetic style choice as far as stuff goes.”

Is there a certain time period that you really get into?

“No. There’s a lot. I think anything rusty, and old and wooden. It’s a little bit, maybe, industrial, but not. A friend of mine that lives in Austin is a little bit of a style icon, and I guess I’ve taken cues from that. I’m like the baby bear of this big guy.”

That’s pretty awesome. So do you buy clothes a lot? Do you buy new clothes ever?

“I’ve gone through phases. I was just working at a store in Austin — it’s a men’s store — so having a discount at a store is really helpful. But no… It’s a good combination of new and old. Cause finding older clothes that fit me can be more of a challenge. Especially because I like to wear men’s clothes.”

Where you’re like, in between all the inseams and shoulder widths and things like that?

“Right. Luckily I have broad-enough shoulders, but that’s not usually the problem. It’s the chest that becomes the issue.”

Mmm, yeah. I had a really awesome shirt that got stolen that I could never button across the chest… And lastly, do you have any current obsessions?

“No… Not really an obsession. There’s a lot of different things that I like, but nothing… I mean, I’m trying to learn how to play the banjo, and I like working with leather. But those have been long-time projects that just have been moving very slowly.”

And just check out Hazey’s handmade cell phone holster!

If you’re looking for more Philly street style, visit Broad&Market, or check out the Street Snaps archive by clicking on the “street snaps” tag just below.

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