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Street Snaps: Urbanity

God, it makes me sad — this interview was cut short due to my failure to notice my recorder had stopped working. It’s a shame, but fortunately careful study of these two reveals more than words would have done justice anyway.

Frank (L) and Stephan (R).

S: “I’m twenty-one and I’m from Coatsville, PA. I currently live in King of Prussia area.”
F: “I am twenty-one and I’m from Norristown, PA. I currently live in Philadelphia.”

Cool, so what do you think about overall style in Philadelphia and how people dress? What are your thoughts?

F: “On average I see Philadelphia style as pretty lax. As Philadelphians, we just wake up and throw things on that we feel comfortable in. We’re not too style oriented here, but there are stylish people in Philadelphia. So, it’s just like a general… It’s like we go with what we go with — it’s about comfort.”

S: “And I find that there’s some people that are real trendy, and then there’s people that like, have the time to style. You know what I mean? I mean, I think that’s like almost any city, cause in New York you find stuff like that as well.”

So have you been shopping today?

S: “Today? No, I haven’t. I mean, we’re actually on our way to go thrifting. But he has been shopping.”
F: “Well that’s only because I shopped at the place that I work at, so it’s just —”

Oh, do you work at American Apparel? [I'll save you from the 'oh I was in there yesterday for my birthday' mini conversation.] Anyway, so jumping back into Philly stuff, I was going to ask what you think about streets, like Walnut Street or what other areas you like going to.

F: “I feel like Walnut Street is the main shopping street in Philadelphia. I mean, South Street is a close second, and I find that Olde City has a lot of nice, cute boutiques and shops around there.”

Do you have any favorites?

S: “I don’t really shop in Olde City, so I wouldn’t know…”
F: “I like Zara. I like Aids Thrift. I also like Wilbur’s, which is on 4th and Bainbridge. And in Olde City… I dunno. I guess it would be like, Sugarcube…”
S: “Retrospect, of course.”

And that’s all she wrote. :/ I didn’t realize the recording stopped, and we talked for a lot longer than this. But I suppose it’s just as well. I’ve been thinking about reworking my interview questions again.

If you have interview questions you think I should be asking people, comment!

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