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Thrift Store Alert!

American Thrift at 8th and Wolf Streets.

Some people try to front on “the vintage look” as though it’s some kind of thing, right? We have so many vintage shops though! I went on an adventure the other day just around 4th and 5th, south of Bainbridge (Queens Village area) and there was the new location of Philly AIDS Thrift (around the corner from its old location, on 5th at Bainbridge), Astro Vintage (720 S 5th), and Wilbur Vintage (716 S 4th). Further south on East Passyunk Ave there was 1600 Below (1600 E Passyunk Ave) and Sweet Jane (1820 E Passyunk Ave). But I had the tip-off — a seriously good thrift store, real south. Like past Synder Ave south. Down at 8th and Wolf.

Vintage shops are great because they do the rummaging for you, but for folks who miss a good thrift store with good prices, American Thrift is it. They’re a ‘check your bag at the desk’ kind of place, with huge wooden bins of children’s clothing, racks of bathing suits, and a sweet selection of shoes. Unfortunately, they don’t have carts, or a dressing room, so you’ll have to do that thing where you pull the waist of the pants around your neck to see if they’ll fit. While I was locking up my bike, a South Philly native told me the place used to be an Acme supermarket back in the 50s (fancy that). So if you haven’t already heard of this place, and have the means or the drive, do yourself a favor and hit this place up.

Maggie Eighteen | Jun 24 2011 3:30am | SHOPPING, on a budget, thrift stores, south philly, thrift store | Comments 0

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