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Embracing My Inner Sex Kitten: Part One

before_after BEFORE & AFTER

A few weeks ago, I was clearing out the PW Style email account when I came across an offer that was hard to refuse: a free boudoir photo shoot with local photographer, Colleen Gjefle.

I took one look at the set of beauty shots on her Web site and accepted.

Colleen has been taking photos for as long as she can remember. Yet, unable to find a job after college, she enlisted in the Air Force where she got additional training in computer graphics. After getting discharged, she spent some time in England before moving to Philly and starting GJFOTO Photography.

“I always loved the cinematography of film noir and the fashion photographs of the 1950s and 60s, so I experimented with different techniques to find my own style,” Colleen says of her early days.

This eventually led her to boudoir photography.

“I love all the portrait work that I’ve done, but boudoir is so very highly personal and private so it’s in a realm of its own,” she says. “It requires a degree of trust that isn’t present in other portrait photography.”

For that reason, Colleen doesn’t allow guys or children to be around during a shoot. In fact, she recommends that her clients take the entire day off to pamper themselves. She herself clears her schedule for each shoot so that women can take as long as they need to get comfortable and get their desired shots. Luckily, Colleen doesn’t charge by the hour. Her boudoir/beauty sessions start at $199.

She’s also just teamed up with another local female photographer to do boudoir and/or bachelorette parties.

So why might a gal be interested having professional, sexy, high-contrast, black and white photos taken of them? Well, as Colleen explains, most do it as a gift for their husband/boyfriend.

In reality however, she’s found that the experience is an even greater gift to the women—a much needed self-esteem boost and a rare opportunity to feel truly sexy.

“In high pressure jobs, be it a mother of four kids or a lawyer, it’s often women’s femininity and sense of womanhood that gets sacrificed in the process,” Colleen explains. “I definitely think it’s time for women to take back their power and their femininity.”

And so, that’s exactly what I did.

This is only a sneak peak. I shall reveal more tomorrow.

Nicole Finkbiner | Aug 10 2011 2:49pm | BEAUTY, art, body, great idea, grooming, interview, local biz, philly | Comments 4

Bonnie Ryan  says:

Colleen is not only an amazingly talented photographer she is a wonderful person, within minutes of meeting her I felt as though I was talking to an old friend. Her down to earth personality and ability to make people comfortable makes her a natural for boudoir photography.

Aug 11 9:37 AM

photoartist  says:

Colleen is a sweet person and really has been excited about her boudoir photography. Nicole wrote an excellent two part blog that takes us into what it’s like to work with Colleen. It’s win, win! Go Colleen! Go Nicole!
a fan :-)

Aug 11 7:12 PM

Marla G  says:

From the moment I met Colleen, I knew she was something special. Working with her has been such a pleasure and I’m honored to call her a friend! She has such a way to make you feel at ease and capture your inner and outer beauty, with a single click:)

Aug 12 11:48 PM

BLOG Gjfoto Photography  says:

[...] Here’s the permalink for the first installment of PW Style’s blog – [...]

Sep 18 6:00 PM


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