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What We Learned About Philly Fashion…


The past two weeks have certainly been hectic for us here at PW Style and with The Philadelphia Collection and Philly Fashion Week now officially behind us, it seems like a good time for some reflection.

So I asked my trusty bloggers to shar e one thing that they took away from all the fashion shows and various style events they attended—whether it be good or bad, fashion related or not. Here’s what they had to say…

Fajr: What I learned from The Philadelphia Collection is that Philly is making a comeback on the fashion scene and has some really talented design talent!

Abigail: I learned four things…1.) No matter what city you see a fashion show in, you can always count on at least four dudes that will wear sunglasses inside 2.) Horrible Euro-techno music still reigns supreme in the fashion event business. 3.) To many, dressing up for a fashion event means donning the shortest, tightest thing in your closet. 4.) It doesn’t matter how sexy you think the shoe is, if it makes you walk like the Tin Man, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

Kat: One thing I learned at Philly Fashion Week is that this city is full of people that want to be designers, whether they have talent or not.

Nicole: From a photographer’s standpoint, I should have been better prepared—a better flash, several charged batteries, better standing on the runway sidelines and maybe even a telephoto lens (if I had one). But the glamour and style makes it all worth it. Like all fashion shows, you pick up tips and ideas for your own wardrobe.

As for me, I learned that there’s a lot of talented design students in this city and never to show up to a fashion show on time.

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Panty Buns  says:

I adore the outfit with all the frilly layered chiffon in the center of the photo above. Want!

Oct 2 11:23 AM


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