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To Splurge, or Not to Splurge?

It’s only been a couple of days since Christmas. You’ve been frantically running around, scouring the shelves and picking up last minute gifts for your friends and family. Now, it’s time to take that wad of cash you’ve accumulated from those relatives that had no idea what to give you, and use it to treat yourself for surviving the holidays.

But what to spend it on?

If you find yourself repeatedly gravitating toward that Louis Vuitton bag every time you’re within a ten mile radius of the store, or if you feel like your wardrobe is seriously lacking a go-to staple piece that will last longer than a month, maybe it’s time to consider a splurge purchase.

Of course, a splurge to one may just be a normal purchase to another, and there’s no perfect splurge for everyone. For instance, a pair of designer nude heels is a perfect foundation piece to build a variety of outfits off of, but if you can’t see yourself wearing them very often, maybe they’re not the right purchase for you. Here’s a list of possibilities that will hopefully inspire you to find the right splurge for you:


Photo Courtesy of Chanel

Designer Cosmetics

For me, buying foundation in a drugstore was always a nightmare. The bottles were sealed, and when I ended up deciding on one, it’d usually come out looking orange, cakey, a dreadful combination of both, or it would rub off throughout the day.

At a makeup counter, like in Sephora, Clinique, or MAC, among many others, a specialist will help you find the perfect foundation for you, based not only on your skin color, but also your skin type and the amount of coverage you want.

Lipstick and blush can be tricky too, but a makeup counter can help you find the perfect shade before you buy anything.


Photo Courtesy of Madewell

A Good Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a staple item that we all have in our closet. But how heartbreaking is it to have to throw out your favorite pair of jeans because they started to rip for no apparent reason? Avoid the heartbreak and go for a pair that will last. Madewell has a variety of styles, from wide-leg, to boot cut, to skinny, and everything in between. If you struggle with jeans being too long or short on you, try Ann Taylor, who caters to women tall and short alike.


Photo Courtesy of Marni

A Designer Bag

Okay, so maybe this one was kind of predictable. A bag by your favorite designer is a good candidate item to splurge on because it can be used daily, and most are classic and don’t go out of style, such as Chanel’s trademark quilted bags. If a bag is too high over your price range, no need to deprive yourself! Just opt for a wallet instead – it will still get as much use as a bag, and it won’t fall apart from being tossed around or rubbing against your keys.


Photo Courtesy of Misikko

A Salon-Approved Heat Styling Tool

That $20 hairdryer you picked up from Walmart could be the culprit for those recurring split ends. An ionic hairdryer by Misikko will do minimal damage, and comes with an attachment piece at the end to direct the air where you want it and to keep it away from spots that have already been dried.

If you use a flat iron more often than a hairdryer to style your hair, Chi makes flat irons that you’d find in a salon. They also double as a curling iron, and depending on the size of the barrel, can help you achieve perfect soft waves or bouncy tight curls.

Ideally, if you choose to splurge, it should be something you’ve been fantasizing about owning for a while, or something that will be used daily or often enough that it will pay for itself. Never should a splurge be a spontaneous, on-the-spot purchase, unless you have the means to do so. In that case, please help me pay for my college tuition! And buy as many Christian Louboutins as your heart desires.

- Lauren Arute

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