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PW Style Gift Guide: Dads, Stepdads or The Father Figure In Your Life

If you haven’t yet finished your holiday shopping, we’ve got news for ya – Christmas is in two days.  And perhaps one of the toughest people to buy for are those special men in our lives.  No we’re not talking boyfriends, husbands and the like, but rather the ones that have been there all our lives – DADS.

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a few great gift ideas that will surely please your Pops whether he’s a gadget guy, sports fan, or beer and burgers kinda dude.  So scribble down these picks and get ready to take on those crowds.

1. Motorized Grill Brush with Steam Cleaning Power

Look how fancy!

Look how fancy!

A lot of Dads are pros when it comes to manning that grill.  Why not make their job a little easier with this handy grill brush?  The motorized tool steams clean even the toughest residue and grease – no chemicals or scrubbing necessary.  $29.95, available at Brookstone.

2. Logitech – Harmony 650 5 Device Universal Remote

The ultimate clicker.

The ultimate clicker.

Men would be lost without their remotes right?  And with modern technology comes a whole mess of clickers to keep track of leading to extreme frustration when all you want to do is watch a DVD.  Well – not anymore with this universal remote.  This little guy makes home entertainment simple by replacing up to 5 other remotes and supporting 5000+ brands.  The remote to end all other remotes – literally.  $49.99, available at Best Buy.

3. Philadelphia Phillies Memories DVD

Re-live it all.

Re-live it all.

Okay so maybe the season didn’t end the way we had exactly pictured it would, but regardless, the Phils are still one of the best teams around.  And they’ve been around for 126 years.  Why not let the Old Man relive all the ups and downs, what-ifs and wow moments throughout the long history of our most prized hometown team with this DVD?  After all, we can’t think of a better way to get amped for ‘aces & catchers’.  $19.99, available at Dicks Sporting Goods.

Zara’s Online

Zara Faux FurDo all the Zara fans out there know that Zara’s online now?  Finally.  And you can eliminate those pesky shipping costs by having it delivered to the store.  Thank gawd because the brand has more to offer that what you see on Walnut St.  Seriously, the Philly store doesn’t do Zara justice.

This September they opened up online and all they have to offer abounds.  And they make it easy for you.

For example, I bought this faux fur coat to go with an outfit.  Picked it up at the store, and it was wrapped up all pretty.  Unfortunately, it was more of a blue-black than the black-black I wanted (bastards in that regard).

So instead of my usual process of having the jacket sit in its box in my living room for weeks (which I would most likely trip over every day until getting the motivation to drag it to the post office – where I would wait in line forever as the clerks take their sweet ‘ole time – only to find out out weeks later that I got a store credit because I returned it too late), I just dropped it off to the Zara store with no hassle whatsoever. Done.

Now if only H&M would get on board…

~Zenovia Campbell

Super Simple Holiday Nails

I don’t known about you, but I don’t have the cash to be spending on a manicure nor do I have the steady hand and patience to pull off a professional-looking manicure myself. So if you’ve got the time and feel like being a little more adventurous than your basic red, here’s five easy festive nail design ideas.

And when I say easy, I mean easy.



Strictly Christmas

Add a little green to the mix! As long as you stick to either a matte or shimmer polish, any hue of red and green will work.



Candy Cane

As you can see, the “candy cane” effect can be achieved in a variety of ways. Red stripes on a white nail looks most authentic. I used a thin white thin nail design brush/polish (like this one by Jordana) to create the stripes, but you could also use a nail polish pen. Both can be found at your local CVS or Rite Aid.

star nails

Photos:, designcocktail.blogspot, musicalhouses.blogspot

Simple Sparkle

Pretty much every brand has a confetti polish out right now, but they almost never look as cool as they do in the bottle. If you can’t find a pack of adhesive nail gems that you like, just scan the craft/school supply isle for star stickers. I’ve done this before so I can assure you they’re super easy to put on. Removing them is actually more difficult (you’ll have to gently scrape). For New Year’s Eve, go for a black or sapphire polish.



Frosty It Up

Haven’t tried this one, but damn does it look simple. Rather than using a polish pen, you can achieve better dots using a toothpick. If you can’t find an orange polish for the nose, substitute it with either brown or black (the shape is what really matters). Oh, and unless you’re under the age of 16, you should probably keep Frosty’s face limited to one nail.



Let It Snow

This is only as complicated as you want it to be. The easiest route: make an asterisk then put a few little white dots around it or make a bunch of little asterisks. Looks best on top of red, powder blue or sapphire polish.


Manicure In A Box

Leave it to Sally Hansen to come up with such a brilliant nail invention. Though a little on the pricey side and often sold out, these adhesive strips are easy to apply and—from what I hear—last for a while without chipping. I imagine these particular holiday designs might be a bit overwhelming on all 20 digits, so I’d recommend putting them on one finger and painting the rest a matching solid color.

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Style Inspiration: Lisbeth Salander

If Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs put her hair on Alice Glass’s body (of Crystal Castles), carried a taser, smoked hella cigs, rode a motorcycle and jammed a metal bar up a rapist’s ass, that would be Lisbeth Salander in a nutshell. She is the ain’t-takin’-no-shit-from-nobody private investigator/researcher and girl with the dragon tattoo of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which premiered nationwide last night.

Rooney Mara’s character was truly the emotional roller-coaster of the film. Amidst a dark childhood and a lifestyle of cigarettes, Coke and hacking computers, Lisbeth pushes the audience to the edge at ever corner; the edges of fear, courage, and eventually, love. Yet, her clothing plays such an important role in the film, as well. The removal of it reveals her tattoos, her scars, her bruises, her weaknesses. But while clothed, she is an impenetrable force not to be reckoned with.

Courtesy Buzznet

Courtesy W Magazine

Courtesy W Magazine

I’m really diggin’ the effortless grunge – well I guess the whole point of grunge is effortless. But the difference between Lisbeth and the 90’s is sex appeal. I’m actually almost certain nobody, except maybe Kurt Cobain, got laid between 1990 and 1994.

Courtesy W Magazine

Courtesy W Magazine

Elle Fanning Poses In Rodarte Couture And The Results Are Dreamy

Need that tee.

Need that tee.

If we had to pick one favorite modern-day design house, Rodarte would probably win hands down.  Their clothes are artistic, inspirational and perfectly accompany the female form.  Not to mention, they are pretty darn good at cultivating that brand image plucking hip actresses like Kirsten Dunst and the Fanning sisters.  So then, how happy were we to lay eyes upon this new editorial for A Magazine Curated by Rodarte (that’s right, a full magazine on the brand!), featuring the younger Fanning, Elle, striking poses throughout a 70’s California beach house dressed in Spring 2012 Rodarte Couture?  Very.

The blonde ingenue works a variety of looks from 60’s flower-power siren and 90’s California kid to that of an otherworldly saint.  The photos are so striking that we can’t tell which is more beautiful, her or the clothes?  You be the judge.

PW Style Gift Guide: The Last-Minute Shopper

On a train to Washington D.C. yesterday afternoon, I realized I hadn’t found any gifts for my mini-vacay hosts, my brother and his wife. I had, moments later, also realized I hadn’t found anything for my four other family members, my roommate, or my friends, either. I’ll admit: I tend to do things last minute. Under the guise of “I work best under pressure” (which is so not true), I wait until the last possible moment to take care of any sort of responsibilities. Some say it’s foolish; others say it’s daring. I say I’m not changing anytime soon.

So what’s a girl to do? It’s 72 hours ’til Christmas and Hanukkah is in full swing. If you’re like me and refuse to fight off mall crowds and express shipping isn’t express enough, fear not! Here’s PW Style’s Gift Guide for the Last-Minute Shopper.


Got a stylish sidekick? An interior design entrepreneur? Handyman? Stock-market junkie? Magazine and newspaper subscriptions are the gifts that keep giving the whole year…literally. They’re great for those hard-to-shop-for types, they can be purchased online, sent anywhere in the world, and support niche media (shameless journalism plug).

Or, if your best friend is a techie, opt for the electronic subscription option. Most major newspapers and magazines offer these, as well, and are usually much cheaper than the print version.

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Oh, Ugly Holiday Sweater…

Right now, I’m really regretting having insisted that my mother get rid of all her tacky-ass snowman and red sequin-covered apparel a few years back because thanks to the growing popularity of ugly holiday sweater parties, they’ve become almost impossible to find. The thrift/vintage shops around the city that I have seen boasting an impressive selection, are trying to charge anywhere between $20-$40 bucks.

Anyway, while pondering where I’m going to go to get a holiday sweater in time for a party on Thursday and how much I’m really willing to spend on it, I got to Googling some of the knitted monstrosities out there.

Here’s some of the best/worst:



Photos: and

The Halls Have Been Decked…


Photos: and


Photos:, and

Christmas Kitties!



Bright and Cheery…



Warm and Fuzzy…


Photos: and

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