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Some Super Fanciful Shoe Art


I never thought I would say this after my delayed trip to Cali, but I actually wouldn’t mind waiting in the terminal at the Philadelphia Airport, if only to admire local artist, Sharon Taffet’s jaw-dropping, embellished footwear.

Currently adding a whole lotta much-needed visual interest to Terminal D, “Fanciful Footwear” features a series of individual, store-bought shoes, each uniquely designed following a different theme. We’re talking heels and boots covered in everything from artificial fruit and foliage, playing cards and feathers to costume jewelry, shells and candy.

Both the daughter and granddaughter of artists, Taffet was largely inspired by the book, In Her Shoes by Philly author, Jennifer Weiner. After creating the centerpieces for a philanthropic event with Weiner she decided to continue the series and even exhibited her stiletto masterpieces at the now-defunct Bambi Gallery a few years back.

I really lament having not heard of Taffet until now. Here’s hope she relocates her latest creations to a gallery in the city once her airport exhibit ends next month.


sharon taffet: fanciful footwear2

sharon taffet: fanciful footwear3

sharon taffet: fanciful footwear 4

You can see even more of Taffet’s “Fanciful Footwear” at

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Pat  says:

The best time I have ever had in Philly airport was checking this exhibit out. Off the hook and eye candy ideas galore! Thanks for making that dumb-ass airport more alive.

Aug 26 7:17 PM


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