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Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Girl in your life…

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Valentines Day is an incredibly stressful holiday…the right gift could make or break your relationship.  Clothes are difficult because women’s sizes aren’t consistent, you wouldn’t buy a girl that’s normally a size 2 a size six, right? Lingerie has the same size variation problem, but you want something sexy to share as a couple.

DollFace Studio has a perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea.  Essentially DollFace hosts a risque photoshoot for your girl for 30 minutes including professional hair and makeup.  She’s allowed to choose her outfit from a vast wardrobe of boudoir and two sets to stimulate different moods.  After the photoshoot, DollFace will touch up and airbrush the photos and send a series of the best prints to you.  Once you select your favorite two, they’ll magnetically print two of your favorites to hang tastefully.

The all inclusive package costs $400, but it is also includes an underwear set from local boutique The Velvet Lily, and the studio has packages starting at $300.  For more information the perfect Valentine’s day gift for you to share with your partner, check out their website, or visit their store  at 737 N. 4th St. on the First floor.

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