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Local Love: Kiki Hughes Boutique

kiki hughes boutique philadelphia

Upon entering this Rittenhouse boutique, you’ll be greeted with the slight trickling from a waterfall descending on the wall, the low lights from the bejeweled chandeliers, and of course the gorgeous clothes adorning the hangers and shelves. If you look carefully there’s an obvious, yet subtle welcome to the store. A slender, curling tree reaching high up to the ceiling. “It’s my favorite part of the store,” owner Kiki Hughes says proudly while donning her signature rock-n-roll style with dark, voluminous hair.

Visiting Kiki Hughes will feel just like home. Well, if your home looks like an amazing walk-in closet.

This gorgeous shop makes for the perfect home for luxuriously kitschy clothes and accessories. Here you’ll find a slew of comfy knits, menswear-inspired blazers, and blouses in various hues and prints. Amongst your usual boutique buys are the real original, quirky pieces. Crushed velvet capes, fur shrugs, and—my favorite piece of the store: a black and burgundy velvet-lace collar neckpiece.

Kiki Hughes is the perfect place for ladies who have a classic look with a pinch of vintage flair and eccentricity. Kiki makes sure that no two pieces are alike, and loyal customers will always find something new and interesting.  “I try not to wear things that I sell here, because customers would want to buy them right off my back!” Kiki jokes.

No, you can’t snatch up Kiki’s clothes as she’s wearing them, but you really don’t need to with such a fantastic selection in her store.

~ Jennifer Nguyen

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