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A Beginner’s Guide to New York Fashion Week….


Nothing excites me more than new clothes gliding down the runway hanging on models that haven’t eaten in a week.  It’s pure bliss, and there’s nothing better than New York Fashion Week.  It’s the holy grail of U.S. Fashion.

Last Friday, I got an invite to attend Carmelita Couture’s show on Valentine’s Day in New York Fashion Week.  Naturally, I went out, bought a new outfit and arranged a way to get to the big apple for the show. After seeing countless Facebook ads about how cheap and convenient Megabus is, I decided to try it.  Worst-case scenario, it’s $8, so what’s the worst that could happen?

After getting through the weekend, Valentine’s Day rolled around, and my mom and I ventured off to 30th Street Station to hop on our bus to New York.  Unfortunately, we caught the one bus that left on time because when we arrived at the bus stop at 2:32 p.m., there was no bus to be seen.

The attendant then informed us that there was a bus leaving 30th Street Station at 3:30, and was scheduled to arrive at 5:30.  Yea, it was cutting it close for a show that started at 6, but a half hour is a long time, right?

After a nice lunch, we caught the bus to New York, and were on our way.  The bus ride was great, and I had no complaints…until we hit traffic.

MegaBus assumed it would take only 2 hours to get into New York.  Anyone who has driven to the city knows it takes at least a half hour to get from one end of the Lincoln tunnel to the other.  Unfortunately, I went against my better judgment and trusted them.  We did have a half hour of buffer time, right?

Mistake #1: Trusting MegaBus.

So we hit traffic outside of the tunnel, and a wonderful half hour later, we arrive at the bus stop.  Without any announcement, people just start getting off the bus. After getting off the bus, we run four blocks to get to the show.  Fashion shows never start on time.  It’s called being fashionably late for a reason, right?

We walked up the stairs to find the room looking like this…


Wut? It’s over? Seriously? We weren’t that late.  What’s 45 minutes between friends?

Mistake #2: New York Fashion Week starts on time. New Yorkers don’t like to wait, so they start the shows on time.

Unlike other fashion shows, New York Fashion Shows are on a very tight schedule because patrons will watch several fashion shows per day, so they have to keep the schedule tight.

Overall, it turned into a fun Valentine’s Day. I would have loved to see Carmelita’s fall 2012 line, but we had no such luck. Fortunately, she’s listed as one of the designers attending Philly Fashion Week next weekend so we’ll catch it there.

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