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Old City’s Eccentric Lost + Found

Lost +

Having grown accustomed to shopping at the same places due to convenience and a busy schedule, I felt instantly refreshed and ready to make impulsive yet excellent purchases upon entering Old City’s Lost + Found.

Located on 3rd and Cherry Sts., I entered the shop to find a multi-hued rack of flannel shirts to my left, cases of jewelry in front of me, and a plethora of scarves and bags to my right. In any other store I might’ve found this overwhelming, but part of what made shopping at Lost + Found so enjoyable and relaxing was the clean and well organized interior.

The store sells every piece you’d need for an outfit besides unmentionables. From flowing tops with bold prints to casual pieces in solids or basic stripes, there is something to fit everyone’s style aesthetic. In addition, they carry dresses for both day and night as well as a modest vintage section filled with a variety of playful and classic sweaters, as well as great coats. Most new styles start at $40 while there were two lofty sales racks with great finds.

back of store

The vintage section ran from $20 to $45 for most pieces, while a few more special items (such as this vintage Saks camel suede dress, which I was sensible enough yet sorry not to purchase) were priced higher. A bit steep if you’re planning on thrifting on a budget, but the entire selection was of fine quality and would be well worth the purchase. There is also a selection of super cute vintage shoes, from red mary jane flats to white leather moccasin boots.

If you’re shopping strictly for accessories, this place has everything you’d need (and in endless varieties,)- sunglasses, tights, wallets, clutches, scarves, etc. The jewelry selection is stellar, the rainbow of teardrop earrings, especially. The jewelry varies from minimal styles in silver and bronze to colorful and decorative stones and features a few local designers.

Make sure to remember Lost + Found next time you’re in need of something fun and spontaneous for your wardrobe, there’s so much variety it’ll be difficult to leave empty handed.

-Emily O’Neill

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